In Pictures: Delhi Still Chokes on Smog Despite Banning Half its Cars 

On January 1st, Delhi enacted a two-week pilot project allowing private cars on the roads only on alternate days in order to reduce pollution. As the experiment comes to a close, the city is still choking on smog. Read More >>

Will New Apple Displays Optimise Themselves According to Surroundings?

Apple's most recent screen successes have centered around the Retina display. But a new patent suggests that Apple has been working on displays that can react to their surroundings to dynamically improve the viewing experience. Read More >>

This Norwegian Data Center Is Built in a Cave and Cooled by Fjords

Hidden inside a Norwegian mountain, next to a cold fjord which supplies cooling water, Green Mountain is the world's most environmentally-friendly data center. It also sounds like it was built by hobbits. Read More >>