Flash New Sky Home Screen Rolls Out Today

Satellite TV subscribers who do their tellying through a relatively modern Sky+HD box will see Sky's all-new home screen layout appear today, with the refreshed EPG and its focus on on-demand services rolling out right now. Read More >>

On-Demand Stuff Gets a Promotion in Sky’s Forthcoming EPG Update

Satellite TV king BSkyB has revealed a completely overhauled EPG, one that'll bring on-demand and older content to the main page of the boxes of its subscribers, seeing as we're all too busy on Twitter to watch anything live these days. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One’s TV Guide Features Won’t Hit the UK Until 2014

That TV EPG integration thing that Microsoft banged on and on and on about when it launched Xbox One earlier this year? We're not getting it at launch, and Microsoft's only giving a vague "2014" answer when asked about when we are likely to see it. Read More >>

Freesat’s Freetime Boxes go Sub-£100 with Humax HB-1000S

The posh new Freesat Freetime EPG and catch-up system is now available on a budget, thanks to the Humax HB-1000S offering all the fun of a DIY HD satellite TV install for just under £100. There's a catch, though. Read More >>

YouView Can Now Search Live TV as Well as VOD

Here's something that you might have thought was obvious, but wasn't actually included in the first run. YouView's killer unified search now processes the live TV EPG up to 7 days in advance, as well as all the on-demand catch up stuff. Neat. YouView's about the only tele-box service that actually gets meaningful updates that make it better. Now, about that £300 price tag. [YouView] Read More >>