Epson’s New Short Throw Laser Projector Includes a Special Screen to Bounce Away Overhead Lighting

Projectors can be a cheaper and far more convenient way to put a gigantic 100+ inch TV in your living room. But to get an image that rivals an LCD or OLED TV, you can’t just point them at a bare wall. So with its new LS500 short-throw 4K laser projector, Epson is including a perfectly-sized ambient light rejecting screen that promises deep blacks and vivid colours. Read More >>

This Ingenious Printer Recycles Scrap Paper Into New Paper Right in Your Office

This is PaperLab: Epson says it’s the world’s first printer to take waste paper and instantly transform it into new paper, onsite, in your office. Read More >>

augmented reality
Hands On Epson’s Moverio BT-200: Augmented Reality Lite

A couple years ago we saw Epson's Moverio make its debut. It was kind of like a double-eyed Google Glass, but it had a lot of issues. It was bulky, it was dim, it didn't have any sensors. Basically, it didn't do much. Today, the BT-200 is here, and it's undeniably much better. The only question is, who's it for? Read More >>

Epson’s Transparent Video Glasses Let You See the Judgemental Stares of Others

Yesterday we reviewed Sony's HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset and while it provides a great 3D experience, it completely removes the viewer from the world around them. That's not the case with Epson's new see-through Moverio BT-100 video glasses. They allow for a private viewing experience while still allowing the wearer to keep an eye on their surroundings, and everyone staring at them. Read More >>

This Projector Will Turn Your iPad into Your Personal Home Theatre

There are already plenty of reason why you wouldn't own a TV, especially if you stream to your iDevice regularly. The Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD projector lets you give your iPad the big screen treatment in your living room. Read More >>