10 James Bond Gadgets That Actually Exist — And One That Needs To

There have been 23 Bond movies made In the past 50 years — full of lethal, handy, futuristic, awesome, and sometimes funny gadgets. Most are still too fantastic to be real, but some have transcended the silver screen to become naturalised residents of the Real World. These are our favourites. Read More >>

Ericsson Joins the Litigation-Crazed Party By Suing Samsung too

I'm not sure whether it's 'cool' to sue Samsung at the moment or something, but it seems Ericsson thinks so. It's just filed a lawsuit against the South Korean giant for yet more patent infringement. It seems Samsung's fighting on all fronts right now. Read More >>

O2 Gives Ericsson the Boot and Pledges £10 Million to Fix Reoccurring Network Issues

Apparently all the trouble that O2's been having recently with network outages, with the last issue raising its ugly head just last week, have been down to Ericsson. Its recently installed Ericsson-provided Centralised User Database keeps cocking up, and it'll take £10 million to replace. Read More >>

Check Out the Sony Xperia T Strutting Its Unreleased-Stuff

Sony's latest round of Xperia phones have well, been not too bad, and it looks like Sony have got another one to add to the collection. The Xperia T, which may have been spotted before as the Xperia Mint, looks to be Sony's next phone out after the divorce with Ericsson; it looks quite the catch. Read More >>

Sony Xperia U / Kumquat / ST25i Spotted

Another Sony-branded model of Android phone has appeared in a leaked photo, with this one featuring the same design as the alluring Xperia S -- but scaling down the size and technical prowess a little. Read More >>

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Ericsson Just Zapped a Rockabilly Song Through My Body

I think I can still feel my fingers tingling after I played with a stereo hooked up to Ericsson's new capacitive coupling technology, which uses the water in the human body to transmit data instead of cables or radio waves. Read More >>

Ericsson Wants to Use Your Body as a USB Cable

Ericsson's new technology will allow you to transfer data between two gadgets by sending it directly through your body. The demonstrations of the technology are really cool, but what will it actually be good for in real life? Read More >>

White Xperia S a Phones4U Exclusive, Black Model Coming to Three and O2

The white version of the new Sony Xperia S has been snapped up by UK retailer Phones4U, which will be exclusively selling the shinier model from March. Meanwhile, both Three and O2 have announced plans to stock the first Sony-branded Xperia on the usual contracts. [Three] Read More >>

Sony’s Mobile Phones, Before Ericsson

Today's announcement that Sony is buying out Ericsson's share of its mobile phone joint venture leads to one very big question. What will Sony be like without the guidance of Swedish mobile giant Ericsson? Read More >>

Sony Ericsson
Sony-Only Phones on the Horizon?

The 50:50 joint venture, Sony Ericsson, may cease to exist if current rumours turn out to be true. Sony is apparently in talks for a £800 million buy-out of Ericsson's half to bring back Sony-only phones. [Reuters] Read More >>