Cool Theory Finally Explains Pluto’s Skyscraper-Sized Ice Shards

When NASA’s New Horizons space probe zipped past Pluto in 2015, it revealed portions of the dwarf planet’s surface were strewn with what could only be described as gigantic blades of ice, many of which extended into the Plutonian sky for hundreds of feet. Finally, after nearly two years of research, a team of scientists think they’ve figured out the nature of these odd features and how they came to appear on the surface. Read More >>

oroville dam
Good Luck Repairing the Badly Damaged Oroville Dam

For three weeks in February, torrents of water rushed down the emergency spillway at Oroville dam, prompting fears that the entire structure would collapse. New images show what’s left of the 3,000-foot long concrete spillway — and the tremendous challenge that now confronts repair crews. Read More >>

The Russian Arctic Is Having a Very Bad Summer

On a tiny island at the end of the world, a lonely weather station is slowly tumbling off a cliff. It’s a perfect metaphor for the state of our planet. Say hello to Vize Island, Russia. It won’t be around much longer. Read More >>

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Spectacular Flash Flood Turns Mountain into Avalanche of Giant Boulders

Witness the power of water, carrying boulders of all sizes in this impressive video filmed at the Illgraben-Bhutan Bridge, in Switzerland. The cause of this flash flood phenomenon is the massive erosion, which apparently is getting bigger every year and has become a tourist attraction. This video is from the last flash flood. Read More >>

Bargain Farmhouse Yours for £25,000, With Just One Small Problem… might fall in the sea next time there's an unusually high tide. The house, outside Suffolk village Easton Bavents, was 1.6km from the sea when it was built in the 1600s, but coastal erosion means it's now just eight feet from tumbling off the cliff edge. Read More >>