HP Won’t Honour Magnificent Laptop Pricing Gaffe Sales

The lucky few who managed to snag a HP laptop for less than £2 over the weekend have been left extremely disappointed, with the company choosing not to honour the sales. Read More >>

Only Smart People Will Understand the Financial Times’ Amazing New 404 Page

The Financial Times is the hands-down paper of choice for anyone trying to seem clever in a job interview. So it makes sense that to understand its fantastic new 404 error page, you need a highbrow sense of humour and a solid grounding in economic theory. Read More >>

This Space Invaders 404 Page Is the Funnest 404 Error Page Ever

Few things are worse on the Internet than reaching a 404 error page. It's soul sucking, cable checking, life wondering, browser refreshing, absence inducing, mortality questioning bad. But it doesn't always have to be! Some 404 Page Not Found Errors are hilarious. A few are entertaining. This one has to be the most fun. Read More >>

Greedy Glitch in Pay-as-You-Go Phone Left Woman Over £27,000 in Debt

Once, I bought a cheap pre-paid international mobile phone, to take on holiday to Mexico so as to avoid futzing with my iPhone's data and roaming and such. Read More >>

This Is Probably the Greatest 404 Page Not Found Error of All Time

Leave it to the greatest rock band of all time—Bob Dylan dixit—to have the greatest 404 Page not found error page of all time. Yes, better than all these or this one. Read More >>

Starbucks Balls-Up Confuses Ireland For Britain In Jubilee Twitter Gaffe

Starbucks has been facing a right old Twitter storm after confusing its Irish followers for Brits -- a cardinal sin in the eyes of the Republic -- asking them whether they were "proud to be British". Read More >>

This Imperfect Processor Is 15 Times More Efficient Than Yours

While it might sound like a dumb idea, designing a computer processor that can make mistakes could be a good thing—especially where energy use is a concern. Read More >>

BBC Label a Child a Recovering Alcoholic

The BBC has up sticks and moved quite a large chunk of its operation up to Salford Media City. It’s all part of a cost saving effort, moving out of the expensive capital. Unfortunately not everything has been going hunky dory, as this caption balls-up shows. Read More >>

Virgin Email Cock-Up Irks Users In Free Broadband Speed-Up

Virgin Media really was trying to do the right thing when it announced it’d be doubling broadband speeds for existing customers, for nothing. Problem is it promised 30Mbiters a bump to a whopping 120Mbps by accident. Read More >>

The Internet’s Best 404 Error Pages

The internet isn't just a bunch of cables, wires, modems, computers, silicon, protocols, h-tee-tee-pees and h-tee-em-els. There are people behind it! People with personality. People who like to laugh. People who put up hilarious 404 error pages so whenever something goes wrong on the Internet, people will remember that they exist! Read More >>