Catastrophic Escalator Failure in Rome Sends Crowd Speeding to Bottom, With 20 Injuries Reported

At least 20 people, many of them Russian fans on their way to attend a Champions League soccer match between AS Roma and CSKA Moscow, were injured after an escalator in the metro station at Rome’s Piazza Repubblica went haywire, CNN International reported on Tuesday. Read More >>

Brilliant Staircase Design Stores Extra Energy to Make It Easier to Climb Later

Do you deliberately avoid visiting friends who live in multi-story buildings without a lift? No one would fault you—having to climb even just a single flight of stairs is like being forced to workout against your will. But thanks to engineers at Georgia Tech and Emory University, stairs might one day do all the hard work for you. Read More >>

Why You Should Always Walk on Escalators

On Tuesday, The New York Times decided to reignite the age old debate of walking versus standing on escalators. And do you know what the paper concluded? “You shouldn’t walk on escalators.” This is a patently incorrect and essentially silly conclusion for at least four reasons. Read More >>

The Results Are In: The Holborn Escalator Trial Proves That It Is Better To Stand On the Escalator (Well, Sometimes)

The first escalators were installed on the London Underground in 1911 - at Earl’s Court tube station. And since then, there has been one simple rule that has become permanently etched into the minds of Londoners: Stand. On. The. Right. Read More >>

Holborn Station’s Escalators Will be Standing-Only For 6 Months

Following a successful trial towards the end of last year, TfL has announced that two of Holborn’s three escalators will be made standing-only for the next six months. From today, nobody will be allowed to walk up or down the 23.4m moving staircases, as TfL believes the measures will counteract station congestion. Read More >>

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A Human Avalanche is What Happens When an Escalator Suddenly Reverses

When most escalators break down they just temporarily become stairs (as the Mitch Hedberg joke goes). But this one decided to glitch in a way that actively ruined the days of the people riding it. Read More >>

TfL Wants Londoners to Stand on Both Sides of the Escalator, Because Walking is Bad

A London Tube station in the middle of rush hour is a busy place, and Transport for London thinks the best way to ease congestion is by making everybody stop still. Hmmm. Yesterday morning, commuters at Holborn station were told to stand on both sides of the escalators, going against everything they’ve ever been told. Like tourists. Read More >>

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Star Wars Escalator Finds Your Lack of Faith in Stairs Disturbing

I'm not expert in Middle East policy, but it seems to me that if the whole world knew about Tel Aviv's Star Wars crawl escalator, Israel and its neighbours would live together in eternal peace — because it is amazing. Read More >>