GoPro Showed Us the First-Person Future of Live Sport Broadcasts

GoPro and the US National Hockey League has announced a partnership that for the first time would bring on-ice, point-of-view footage to a live ice-hockey broadcast. It's a major move and if you found yourself watching the X Games at all this weekend, you'll got to see the system in action. Read More >>

Over In the US, ESPN Is Killing 3D Broadcasts By the End of the Year

ESPN will kill 3D TV by the end of the year. We reached out to ESPN, and the company confirmed the report citing lackluster adoption of the technology. This is huge news considering the mammoth investment that TV manufacturers and broadcasters have made to try to bolster the tech. Read More >>

For Better or For Worse, Second Screens are Coming

Most of us are lazy bums with an attention span measured by an atomic clock, so we use a second device to occupy ourselves whilst watching telly. It's a dubious habit that's taken off big-time in the US, and now it's making firm inroads into our green and pleasant isle. Read More >>

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This Is All the Mind-Blowing Tech ESPN Needed to Bring Just One Sports Match to Your Screen

It's Sunday afternoon, raining outside, and rather than write those overdue Christmas thank-you letters (don't pretend like you've done them, you liar), you curl up on the sofa and safely cocoon yourself in some HD sports. Though you take it for granted, the magic of telly doesn't happen without some hard work, and more importantly, an absolute mountain of expensive and awesome tech. Read More >>