Fortnite World Cup Was Watched By About as Many People as Holby City

The world's first Fortnite World Cup will definitely not be the last Fortnite World Cup, as game maker Epic is claiming a massive ratings victory for the event – if you count distracted internet streaming as actual eyeballs-on data. Read More >>

Intel Wants Video Games to be an Olympic Sport

Intel fancies getting its logo in front of the millions that watch the Olympics every four years, and is lobbying hard to get video games, in their more grown-up and regulated esports category, approved for inclusion in future Olympic events. Read More >>

Man Surprisingly Chill After Girlfriend Allegedly Stabs Him With a Sword for Having Tinder

Imagine this: One night, after coming home and falling asleep, you are violently awakened by your significant other stabbing you with a sword and at least two other knives. How would you react? Read More >>

Formula One Launches eSports Race Championship

The F1 universe is about to expand into eSports, with a series later this year looking to crown the best video game F1 race driver in the world. Read More >>

Live eSports are Coming to the BBC*

The BBC, the actual BBC that does the telly and radio, is about to start making national stars of eSport players. They're going to be on the real TV. Read More >>

Esports Added to 2022 Asian Games Event Rota

There will be an outbreak of manboobs and failed social interactions among the confident elite athletes at the 2022 Asian Games, as the event is set to award medals in a variety of esports for the first time. Read More >>

Logitech’s Compact Gaming Keyboard Is Still Hulkish But a Joy to Use

Esports are big business now. And with millions of dollars wrapped up in prizes and sponsorship, hardware makers are starting to cater to a new category of athlete. But while the resulting gear might be designed with professional gamers in mind, it turns out it can be pretty fantastic for the rest of us too. Read More >>

UK Government Support First “eSports Olympics” in Rio

It used to be that the only link between Olympians and gaming was the inevitable hand-cramp that followed an International Track and Field session (millennial PlayStation owners will know what I’m talking about). But now gamers will finally have the opportunity to showcase their wrist-action at the first ever eGames this August. Read More >>

eSports Gamers to Receive Doping Tests

It isn't just Olympians and football players who are tested for drugs - now professional gamers will be too, according to the Electronic Sports League (ESL). Read More >>

Doping in eSports is Somehow Now a Problem

A pro gamer competing in the big cash winning leagues has admitted to playing while on the mental stimulant Adderall, also claiming that "everyone" uses it for getting a bit of an edge when reacting to virtual sniper fire. Read More >>