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Pull Your Fix: The Best Espresso Machine and Accessories for Beginners

After more than 60 hours researching and testing at-home espresso equipment with assistance from Stumptown’s coffee education crew, we think the Breville Infuser is the best espresso machine. It’s part of a great setup, which includes the Rancilio Rocky grinder and all the accessories you need to pull great shots at home. Read More >>

This Minature Hand-Powered Espresso Machine Takes Caffeine Everywhere

As addictive mind-altering substances go, coffee is actually pretty hard to hit up on the move. If you're out of range of a Starbucks, getting a hot, caffeine-rich espresso generally requires a 20-pound machine and mains electricity, which is exactly the first-world problem this dinky espresso machine exists to tackle. Read More >>

The ISS Will Get a Custom Espresso Machine With a Few Space-ifications

Just like any hard-working professional, an astronaut can use a good cup of coffee first thing, which is why Lavazza has developed a new custom espresso machine for use in space, destined to find a home aboard the International Space Station. Read More >>

Our Favourite Coffee Gear

Good coffee tastes amazing, can be a great comfort, and is fun and easy to make well with the right tools. Coffee is also potentially good for you, having been shown to make you smarter, help you lose weight, keep you alive longer and kickstart your exercise routine. Today we're going to knock down coffee's barrier to entry by telling you exactly which gear you need to get your hands on for a great brew. Read More >>

Go From Zero To Caffeinated In No Time With a V12 Espresso Machine

Is it going to produce the best cup of espresso you've ever tasted? Probably not. But if you've got a thing for cars, or are on the hunt for an obscenely over-the-top coffee maker for your garage, Espresso Veloce's V12 will give you the hit of caffeine you're looking for, while gobbling up a huge chunk of counter space. Read More >>

I’m Intrigued by This Cheap Home Espresso Machine That Might Not Suck

One of these two things is true: Your home espresso machine cost a small fortune, or your home espresso sucks. (Or, just maybe, you hacked a Rancilio Silvia.) That's because home espresso machines can't maintain consistant temperature and pressure. Read More >>