Essential Debuts Phone, Just Cut in Half and With a Creepy Backstory

Here’s something to raise your eyebrows. Essential, the company founded in 2015 by disgraced former Google exec Andy Rubin, released images of its Project Gem smartphone on Tuesday – and it basically looks like a phone chopped down the middle. Read More >>

Essential Lurches Back From the Grave to Offer Up £118 Headphone Dongle

Halloween has passed, but Essential hath risen from near death to deliver unto us a $150 (£118) dongle. Audiophiles who also happen to own an Essential phone, now is the time to rejoice—if you’re actually out there. Read More >>

Essential’s 3.5mm Audio Adapter HD Has Been Approved For Sale

Despite all the hype, the Essential PH-1 didn't exactly set the world on fire. More than a year on from its release, it still hasn't properly come to the UK (though Essential will ship you one for Many Pounds), and it's even been speculated that the brand was "on its last legs" and up for sale. Read More >>

Essential’s Next Phone Will Be a Wildly Different, AI-Powered Companion: Report

Making smartphones is hard, and despite having one of the best pedigrees in the business, Andy Rubin’s company stumbled out of the gate when it launched the Essential PH-1 last year. At first, the Essential Phone’s camera wasn’t great and it’s software wasn’t quite as smooth as we’d like, but thanks to continued support and a some price drops, the PH-1 turned into one of the best smartphone bargains of 2018. Read More >>

How Much Would You Actually Pay For an Essential Phone?

When the Essential Phone first came out, I didn’t like it very much. But my main objection wasn’t its build or features—no, it was basically that for $700 (£502), its camera simply wasn’t in the same league as the Galaxy S8, the iPhone 7, or any other expensive flagship. Read More >>

Essential Never Lived Up to Its Name, and Now It’s Reportedly for Sale

Just over one year into its endeavour to “inject passion back into smartphones,” Essential appears to be on its last legs. Bloomberg reported the smartphone manufacturer founded by Android creator Andy Rubin is exploring a sale and has scrapped plans to develop a second smartphone. Read More >>

10 Hyped Tech Companies, From Most Screwed to Least Screwed

As 2017 comes to a close, it’s as good a time as any to reflect on how the year went for some of the most attention-grabbing tech companies, ordered here conveniently from most screwed to least screwed. Read More >>