“England’s Equivalent to Tutankhamun’s Tomb” Found Next to an Aldi in Essex

An Anglo-Saxon tomb, described as the UK answer to King Tutankhamun’s, has been found on a roadside in Prittlewell, Essex close to a local pub and an Aldi supermarket. That's the most British equivalent of anything imaginable, so bravo, archaeologists. Read More >>

Police Found a Pair of Live WWII Missiles at an Essex Bus Stop

Were you in Essex on Tuesday, transporting your extensive collection of Nazi memorabilia and other wartime artifacts about the place? If so, you may have left some of your live anti-tank missiles at a bus stop. Easy mistake. We've all carelessly abandoned live ordnance. Read More >>

iPad 2 for Essex kids
Lucky Essex School Kids Get £500k’s Worth of iPad 2s

India's been trying to revolutionise education with its £40 tablet, meanwhile we've been buying 1,200 iPad 2s for school kids. Read More >>