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Etsy Announces It’s Found a New Way to Gouge Sellers

Etsy is rolling out a new campaign for offsite advertising that automatically enrols its sellers and charges them a fee for sales from those ads, but some sellers won’t be able to opt out – meaning they’ll pay for the service whether they like it or not. Read More >>

carbon dioxide
Etsy Will Offset 100 Per Cent of Carbon Emissions For Posting Its Purchases

The rise of shopping online means lots of products are constantly moving around the world, which can have significant impacts for climate change. Read More >>

I Desperately Want This Ancient Apple Disk Drive With a Blu-Ray Upgrade

I haven’t touched a DVD, CD, or even a Blu-Ray disc in years, let alone one of the floppy disks the Apple Disk II was designed to load back in the early ‘80s. But I might find a reason to use outdated media again just to justify putting this upgraded piece of classic computer hardware on my desk. Read More >>

96 Companies Just Told Trump Where He Can Shove His Muslim Ban

Last night, 96 companies filed a legal briefing that objects to President Trump’s Muslim ban. But they’re not just doing it because it’s the right thing to do. The filing makes it clear that Trump is disrupting business. Read More >>

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Protect Your Apple AirPods From Theft With This Sticker

People may have been more vocally upset by Apple’s decision to kill the headphone jack, but of all the design missteps in the post-Steve Jobs era, the AirPods may be the biggest. This handy little sticker might help with one problem — the tiny £160 headphones are highly stealable. Read More >>

How To Make Your PS4 or Xbox One Look Like a Retro NES

Let’s be real for a second: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One designs are hideous. Both are great gaming consoles, but their cases employ the same look of every generic VCR from the 1980s. Thankfully, Etsy store-owner Decalgirl has a fix for that problem. Read More >>

Planetary Pillows Let You Sleep With Our Solar System

Instead of worrying about whether your throw pillows complement the colours in a room, head on over to Etsy where PebblePlush has a created a set of 12 pillows that look like the planets and other celestial bodies in our solar system. Science matches any decor, and you might even learn something. Read More >>

You Can Finally Buy Pre-Folded Paper Airplanes in Bulk

The internet brought countless innovations to the world, one of which being the ability to pawn off hard work onto someone else, anywhere on earth, for a price. For example, if you need 500 paper airplanes but don’t want to waste hours folding them, you can now just buy them in bulk. Read More >>

A 3D-Printed Digital Sun Dial Is as Easy to Read as a Cheap Digital Watch

Try wrapping your head around this one. An Etsy seller in France has somehow managed to design a remarkable 3D-printed sundial that shows the time as digital numbers that actually change as the day progresses and the sun moves across the sky. Read More >>

Turn Your Head Into a Biscuit With a Custom Cookie Cutter

Oreo’s on a mission to create a flavour that will appeal to every last person on the planet. But its efforts can’t come anywhere close to the level of personalisation that a custom cookie cutter shaped like your head and face allows. Read More >>

Etsy Bans the “Sale of Spells and Hexes”

Etsy, the online shop for twee accessories, has upset some witches. There could be double, double, toil and trouble for the company as the company has banned the sale of supernatural goods. Read More >>

A Specimen Box Full of Tiny Paper Aeroplanes Instead of Bugs

It's hard to understand the appeal of displaying the corpses of dead insects and other small creatures on pins in a specimen box, but tiny paper aeroplane versions of famous aircraft? That deserves to hang in the Louvre, or your home office as a second best scenario. Read More >>

Your Entire Family Can Waste Away the Summer on This Mega Hammock

There'll never be another fight over who gets to lay in the hammock with this monstrosity strung up in your backyard. The Mega Hammock requires you to find at least four nearby trees (or cranes) for hanging, but when it's up it looks like it can easily support a group of at least ten loungers—plus a toddler or two. Read More >>

Embossed Rolling Pins Let Bakers Sign Their Creations

Painters always sign their canvases, so why shouldn't bakers—proud of their tasty treats—not sign their work as well? But since pens don't work on dough, and markers are probably an even worse idea, Etsy seller Zuzia Zuber will create a custom rolling pin for you, embossed with a repeating pattern of "made by (your name here)." Read More >>