Turtle Doves Are Facing Extinction in the UK and the EU Is Taking Legal Action to Stop It

To preserve the integrity of Christmas Carollers everywhere, the EU is taking measures to preserve the waning turtle dove population, because you can't sing about gifting it to your true love when there's none of the bloody things left. Read More >>

Report: Amazon Facing Antitrust Probe in the EU Over Its Use of Marketplace Merchant Data

The European Union is planning an antitrust investigation into e-commerce giant Amazon over its treatment of third-party merchants that rely on the company’s marketplace to sell goods, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

2019’s Next Protest Blimp is Inevitably Boris Johnson

The one-man political Hindenberg that is Boris Johnson is the target of come-lately satirists who've stolen someone else's idea, with a funding plea underway to raise enough money to build a blimp of the already grossly over-inflated and fit-to-burst potential next prime minister. Read More >>

electric vehicles
Electric Vehicles Aren’t Noisy Enough Says EU

Electric cars are quiet. Too quiet. And so the EU is enforcing a new regulation that will see all new electric vehicles fitted with a noisemaker that sounds like a traditional car engine. Read More >>

Facebook Invites Journalists to See New ‘War Room,’ Won’t Let Them Ask Workers Questions

Facebook, the social media giant that helped enable genocide and yet is still allowed to exist for some reason, had a big public relations push this weekend. And if the news stories that came out are giving you a sense of deja vu, you’re not alone. Read More >>

The EU Wants Veggie Sausages to be Called ‘Tubes’

In a move that almost justifies Brexit, the EU parliament's agriculture committee has ruled that vegetarian and vegan foods shouldn't be allowed to use the same words as meat. Read More >>

Cars Sign Own Death Warrant With Plan For Automatic Speed Limiters

EU lawmakers have agreed on a plan to force the introduction of intelligent speed assistance systems in all new cars sold from the year 2022. It's a smart braking system that automatically slows cars when they hit speed limited areas, adding a new layer of boredom to journeys. Read More >>

article 13
Report: European Parliament Screwed Up Their Chance to Amend Copyright Directive By Voting Wrong

The European Parliament approved a massive, sweeping overhaul of online copyright rules on Tuesday, leaving the extremely controversial Articles 11 and 13 untouched on as the EU Copyright Directive cruised through the legislative body. According to a report on TechDirt, they may have done so in part because several members of the European Parliament cast incorrect ballots on a key vote to allow amendments. Read More >>

EU Fines Google £1.2bn for Aggressive Advertising Rules

The European Commission has hit Google with another fine for antitrust rule breaking, this time asking it to pay €1.49bn (£1.2bn) for using anti-competitive guidelines in its online advertising businesses. Read More >>

Can You Really Eat Mouldy Food Like Theresa May Reportedly Does?

Have you ever come across some particularly tasty food in the fridge, only to be bummed out that it’s all mouldy? Well, if you’re the Prime Minister it doesn’t faze you in the slightest. Read More >>

This Website Shows What The EU’s Done For You

Need a new weapon in your fierce online arguments with people who feel differently about Brexit to you? Read More >>

Kiss Goodbye To Your .EU Domains After Brexit

One of the weirder casualties of our exit from the European Union turns out to be the .EU top-level domain (TLD). Read More >>

EU Diplomatic Comms Network, Which the NSA Reportedly Warned Could Be Easily Hacked, Was Hacked

The European Union’s network used for diplomatic communications, COREU, was infiltrated “for years” by hackers, the New York Times reported on Tuesday, with the unknown rogues behind the attack reportedly reposting the stolen communiqués to an “open internet site.” Read More >>

Anti-Brexiters Quietly Politicise the Proms With EU Hats

A really, really polite political battle unfolded on the BBC over the weekend, as the flag-waving enthusiasm at the last night of the proms turned into a war of patriotism between those with union flags and rivals holding EU banners. Read More >>

EU Officially OKs Apple’s Shazam Acquisition

After Apple announced plans to acquire Shazam at the end of 2017, the deal was put on hold when the EU launched an antitrust investigation to determine if it would decrease competition between streaming music providers. Read More >>