Brits Won’t Benefit From EU Roaming Caps Post-Brexit

Great news, everyone! The days of being too terrified to even use your phone as a clock when on holiday lest it cost you money are coming back, with the bureaucrats behind the EU's new total block on network roaming fees saying it WON'T automatically apply to travelling UK residents once the Brexit scenario is in place in 2019 or thereabouts. Read More >>

UK Train Prices Top EU Cost League By Some Distance

In news that won't come as a surprise to anyone who's left the house since the 1970s, they've worked out that UK train prices are the most expensive in Europe -- with some countries paying as little as one fifth of the cost we pay to travel a mile. Read More >>

Europe Wants to Chop 90-day Mobile Roaming Time Limit

Our European friends, who we shall soon be gazing upon as some sort of elegant super-species from the future, are about to have one of the mobile world's oddest little laws ripped away. They want to remove the 90-day limit that mobile operators can currently apply to their roaming agreements. Read More >>

EU-Funded Horizon Projects Must Make Their Findings Open from 2017

The European Commission's enormous €80 billion Horizon 2020 fund now has one really quite huge new condition attached to its handouts, asking that all findings be made open from 2017 -- unless the teams using the money can come up with a good reason why their research should remain secretive. Read More >>

The EU Doesn’t Want ISPs Blocking Porn or Adverts

If you were to ask anyone about the kind of content that gets blocked online, adverts should definitely come up. Porn probably will as well, but for totally different reasons. In a bit of good and bad news, the EU has ruled that ISPs aren't allowed to block either of those things at a network level. Read More >>

Tim Cooks Says Apple’s EU Tax Bill is “Maddening”

Apple's Tim Cook has been saying "OH YES PLEASE GIMME DAT GODDAMN PHONE" to media interview requests for once, taking any opportunity to have a go at the EU for branding it's bespoke tax deal with Ireland as a rule-breaking form of state aid. Read More >>

Apple Hit With Record Penalty For Illegal Irish Tax Arrangement [Updated]

The big news today is that a mega-rich company that’s done its utmost to pay as little as possible in taxes will have to pay a perfectly manageable fine if it’s found to have done anything naughty. Read More >>

Manchester Uni’s Nobel Prize-Winning Graphene Research in Funding Crisis After Brexit

The government’s been urged to step up and fill the funding void expected to hit universities as a result of Brexit. The UK’s likely to lose its place in the EU’s Graphene Flagship research project, despite the fact the material was first discovered by a pair of Nobel prize-winning University of Manchester scientists in 2004. Read More >>

The EU Has Thrown More Anti-Trust Charges at Google

The EU and Google really don't have a very good relationship, everyone knows that, and now it's about to get even rockier. The EU has thrown more anti-trust charges Google's way, related to conditions of showing ads through Ad Sense. Read More >>

UK Scientists Kicked off EU Projects as Fears of Budget Cuts Loom

A confidential poll of members of the UK's Russell Group universities (the poshest ones) appears to show that Brexit fears are already impacting upon the scientific community, with some research teams cutting back on UK-based representatives as they expect future EU funding to fall away from projects not wholly benefiting EU nationals. Read More >>

Robots in Europe Could Become ‘Electronic Persons’ 

Machines are taking over the world, and some members of the European Parliament aren’t very happy about it. Robots in the EU soon be classed as “electronic persons” if the Parliament adopts a new set of rules on robotics. Read More >>

What Would an EU Brexit Mean for Mobile Roaming Fees?

As Britain prepares to go to the polls to decide its future in Europe, perhaps one of the most persuasive arguments that the Remain campaign has on its side is the one about mobile roaming charges. Forget all of the abstract complexities about how much Britain pays in, or what membership does to the economy - roaming charges are something consumers understand, because we all have to deal with them whenever we go abroad. Read More >>

Pro-Brexit Fishing Flotilla Sails on London

A group of ships, supposedly all containing people in favour of the UK making our surrounding seas electrified no-go zones to foreigners and voting to leave the EU, is sailing up the Thames. Captain* Nigel Farage is onboard, leading a charge of people pretending not to be racist on our multicultural capital. Read More >>

UK Residents Turn Irish Ahead of Brexit Vote

Irish authorities say they're receiving an "unprecedented" number of requests for passports, as some UK residents look to rebrand themselves as Irish ahead of the possibly calamitous result of the EU referendum. Read More >>

Web Registration Errors Get MPs Calling EU Referendum Process a “Shambles”

All those tedious people on the internet who are really into politics are really into politics again, this time over something to do with blocking up the Channel Tunnel and making all the people who came here because it used to be a nice country go away again. A referendum. And it's already gone wrong thanks to the internet, with MPs claiming a crashing voter registration site could marginally impact upon The Decision. Read More >>