EU Takes Ireland to Court Over Unpaid €13bn State Aid Bill

Apple hasn't paid Ireland the vast amount of tax it was deemed to owe as the result of a competition investigation into how it handles its European tax affairs, so the European Commission is launching legal proceedings in the European Court of Justice to force Ireland to recover the bill. Read More >>

Apple’s Tax Ruling Might See Ireland Slapped With a Non-Compliance Fine

Everyone knows that Apple has been slapped with a €15 billion (~£13.2 billion) fine for using Ireland as a tax haven, and everyone knows both Apple and Ireland weren't happy about being told off. Well everyone is about to get even more annoyed, because Ireland could end up being fined as well. Read More >>

The EU Suppressed a 300-Page Study That Found Piracy Doesn’t Harm Sales

The European Commission paid €360,000 (about £318,000) for a study on how piracy impacts the sales of copyrighted music, books, video games, and movies. But the EU never shared the report—possibly because it determined that there is no evidence that piracy is a major problem. Read More >>

Show Your Disdain for Brexit With This Overpriced EU Flag Hoodie

Big fan of that whole 'European Union' thing, and utterly disgusted with the mere suggestion of Brexit? You're probably trying to hide from the reality of the current situation, and what better way to do it than spend £750 on hoodie proudly displaying the EU flag? Read More >>

The EU Wants Phones to be Easier to Fix

The EU's got a new campaign on the go, and it could make repairing future gadgets less of a pain in the arse. It's putting forward a list of suggestions as to how tech makers might make their products easier to fix, which includes ideas like not glueing components in and adjusting the design so it's easier for independent repairers to disassemble and rebuild gadgets. Read More >>

Google Fined £2.1 Billion for Abusing Being Google

The European Commission has done the sums and decided to hit Google with a vast fine of €2.42 billion (£2.14bn), as its long-running investigation into Google's abuse of being Google reaches its conclusion. Read More >>

The EU Wants To Create Sensible Rules For Drones By 2019

By 2019 the EU wants to have clear drone rules in place. This can only be viewed as a good thing, because the current state of affairs is a mess. The rules will introduce a standard across the EU and mean that anyone can use a drone across the region without worrying about local rules. Read More >>

The EU Wants to Enforce Encryption, and Ban Backdoor Access

In news that is likely to make most of us cheer, and Amber Rudd say something very stupid, The European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs has published some draft proposals that aim to enforce end-to-end encryption of communications data, and ban backdoor access would let law enforcement (and nefarious hackers) to snoop around your conversations. Read More >>

Three Is The Only UK Network That Will Commit To Not Reinstating Roaming Charges After Brexit

Yesterday was a big day for Europe, as mobile roaming charges were abolished across the continent. Thanks to the European Union's Digital Single Market initiative, mobile networks are now unable to charge you exorbitant fees when you travel in any of the 27 other EU countries. This means that you can call, text, and crucially use data as you would in Britain. Read More >>

EU Roaming Fees Are Abolished From Today – But Will Brexit Bring Them Back?

Today's the day! After years of negotiations and planning, today is the day that going on holiday to Europe just got a little bit cheaper, as mobile roaming fees have officially been abolished inside the European Union. Read More >>

The EU Wants to Make it Easier for Police to Access Electronic Data Stored in Other EU Countries

In news that would likely make Theresa May second guess her commitment to Brexit, the EU has announced that it was to speed up the processes that let police retrieve electronic evidence stored in other EU countries by US-based tech companies. Read More >>

wi fi
Free Wi-Fi For EU And EU And EU, But Not For UK

The EU is going to make sure that every town and city will have access to free Wi-Fi. The UK, presumably, will be closing down the internet border and putting an end to the free movement of electrons. When fictionally asked for a theoretical comment, a made-up Brexit voter said "We don't want any of 'em foreign electrons coming over here taking jobs from our own British electrons". Read More >>

The EU is Fining Facebook €110 Million for Misleading it During the WhatsApp Takeover

The European Commission has ruled that Facebook intentionally misled officials during its takeover of WhatsApp in 2014. Specifically it was misleading about its ability to utilise data, and is receiving a fine of €110 million (£93.8 million). Read More >>

The EU is Planning New Legislation After Complaints Aimed at the Likes of Apple and Google

A few days ago it was revealed that a number of music streaming services, including the likes of Spotify and Deezer, had complained to the EU about the likes of Apple and Google abusing their 'privileged position' at the top of the market. Now it seems as though the EU is taking notice. Read More >>

Vodafone Scraps Roaming Charges In 40 Places

Good news if you're on Vodafone: they're getting rid of roaming charges in 40 places worldwide, which means 80% of customers' holidays will now be included in their data plans. Read More >>