European Union Leaders Urge U.S. to Reconsider Withdrawing From the WHO

European Union leaders on Saturday urged the U.S. to reconsider withdrawing from the World Health Organization (WHO) and stated that “global cooperation and solidarity through multilateral efforts” are the only effective and viable ways to win the battle against coronavirus. Read More >>

Mobile Companies Will Be Sharing Location Data With EU During the Coronavirus Crisis

A number of mobile operators in the EU have agreed to share the location data of their customers 'because coronavirus', even though we're seeing self-isolation and lockdowns across the world. Read More >>

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EU’s New Circular Economy Action Plan Is All About the Right to Repair

The EU has announced its New Circular Economy Action Plan that's all about creating a "climate-neutral, competitive economy of empowered consumers," and the right to repair legislation plays big part in that. Read More >>

What if the Passports Were Black All Along?

The Home Office has received the first of the new British Passport style of passports from the overseas manufacturer contracted to deliver it, and is displaying the thrilling result of the Brexit efforts online. Problem is, it's a very, very, very dark blue at best that is probably not the type of blue people voted for. Read More >>

The EU Might Force Phone Makers to Include Removable Batteries

One of the things a lot of people lament about the new rage of fancy smartphones with fancy features is the fact that the phones are all completely sealed up and you can't get one with a removable battery anymore. You know, because swapping out a flat battery is a lot faster and easier than connecting it to a big chonky battery pack. Read More >>

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Ryanair Would Rather Hire People With EU Passports

Ryanair is trying to convince people to work for it, although there's one massive metaphorical security barrier in place that makes it awkward for young Brits to imagine a new career among the clouds -- the requirement that applicants have full access rights to live and work in the EU. Read More >>

We Could Be Looking at the Return of Roaming Charges in the EU in This Post-Brexit Reality

We're no longer part of the EU, in case you somehow managed to forget amidst the clamour of fireworks being popped off on Friday night, and it looks like roaming charges could be back on the table next year. Read More >>

The EU’s Vote To Dump iPhone Lightning Cables: Everything You Need To Know

An EU vote to develop a standard smartphone charging cable standard totally did not go Apple's way this week, putting intense pressure on the smartphone giant to drop its proprietary lightning connector for iPhones and other iOS devices. It may be some time coming, but this could be the beginning of the end for the Lightning connector. Read More >>

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Apple May Have to Ditch Its Lightning Cable to Conform to Standard Charger in the EU

It seems that Apple's argument for why it should keep its lightning cable, rather than switching over to one of the two USB standards used by everyone else, has fallen on deaf ears. Read More >>

Big Ben May Not Bong for Brexit After All

A handful of men bearing quite a resemblance to Jeremy Clarkson and wrapped in union flags may be disappointed this Brexit Eve, as no one has yet organised the Big Ben bell to be donged out to mark the UK's departure from the European Union – in a rare case of something that was promised not being delivered. Read More >>

Aussies Don’t Want Visa-Free Brits Lowering the Tone of the Place

The slight inconvenience of needing an easy-to-get digital visa before entering Australia will continue even after any post-Brexit trade deal has been organised, as the current Aussie government says it can't imagine opening up visa-free travel or work to Brits no matter what's offered in return. Read More >>

Facebook Under Scrutiny From EU Antitrust Regulators

Facebook joins Google under the European Commission's microscope for the way it handles data. Read More >>

Rubik Denied EU Trademark for Well Known Colourful Rotating Cube Puzzle

Rights to the colourful rotating and interlocking cube toy you may reasonably understand to have been legally owned by Erno Rubik for well over 40 years are in the bin today, thanks to the EU's top lawyers ruling that a rotating cube is simply too generic a shape and concept to enforce a trademark upon. Read More >>

right to repair
The Right to Repair Busted Appliances is Getting a Big Boost in Europe

From 2021 onward, manufacturers in Europe will have to make household appliances longer-lasting and easier to repair thanks to new standards in the European Union. Read More >>

Facebook Must Delete Content Globally If It’s Considered Defamatory in Europe, Top EU Court Rules

The top court in the European Union has ruled Facebook must delete content globally, not just in Europe, if a European court decides that the content is defamatory. The case was brought by an Austrian politician who said that a Facebook user had defamed and insulted her by writing she was a “corrupt oaf,” among other things. Read More >>