Forget Euro 2012, Egg Russian Roulette’s the Sport For Us

England have just won a glorious victory at the world Russian Roulette Egg Championships. That's right, national hero Jerry Cullen has managed what Rooney and co couldn't, and brought it home to England. The majestic triumph occurred in Swaton Lincolnshire, where Cullen beat the odds and left the competition with egg on their collective faces. Read More >>

BBC Supercharges Its Mobile Site So You Can Watch the Euros In the Bog (Or On the Bus)

The BBC has iPlayer apps for both Android and iPhone, but now Auntie's new mobile site has just got a solid injection of streaming video, just in time for England's clash with Sweden tonight. Stream over 3G or Wi-Fi -- it's all good. Read More >>

Warning: a Bunch of “Psychic” Animals Are Invading the World, Again

Unfortunately, Paul the "psychic" octopus had quite a bit of success during the world cup in 2012, which means we're going to be inundated with animals trying to "guess" the outcome of every Euro 2012 game. Apparently, England will beat France tonight if Rocky the psychic raccoon is to believed. Read More >>