Eurofighter Typhoon Gets Spitfire Livery for Battle of Britain’s 75th Anniversary

In some alternative universe where we're still at war with Germany, here's what we're flying (remotely, from a war centre in Wales). It's a Eurofighter Typhoon made up in the classic colours of the fighters of old. This one has the markings of 249 Squadron's Flight Lieutenant James Brindley Nicolson, a Victoria Cross winner from our generation of heroes who shot down an enemy fighter as his own plane burned. [RAF] Read More >>

British Armed Forces Network all Their Simulators Together for Greatest LAN Party Ever

As every proper gamer knows, single-player gaming is nothing compared to the fun of pumping your buddy full of lead. The Armed Forces, no strangers to teamwork, seem to agree, so have networked ship simulators together with those flown by the fighter jocks to create the ultimate in electronic war porn. Read More >>

This Helmet Gives Eurofighters X-Ray Vision

In conventional combat aircraft, the target generally needs to be in both the pilot's field of vision and within the sights of the plane itself. That is, the plane needed to be pointed in the general direction of whatever you're shooting at. But in the case of the new Eurofighter Typhoon, pilots can squeeze off a few Sidewinders at bogies incoming from any direction thanks to a super helmet that links their eyes to the plane's electronic brain. Read More >>