Airports in the EU Devolve Into Chaos Over Trump’s Inaccurate Covid-19 Address

Travellers at European airports faced chaos, surging prices, and uncertainty as they scrambled to react to Donald Trump’s Wednesday announcement that severe restrictions would be imposed on travel from the continent to the U.S. – made significantly worse by a series of bullshit claims made by the president during his address. Read More >>

Trump Finally Admits COVID-19 is Serious, Blames Europe for Spread of ‘Foreign’ Virus

In a speech to the nation on Wednesday night, President Donald Trump partially blamed the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic to the United States on Europe, announcing that the White House will take the unprecedented step of suspending travel by most foreign nationals from Europe to the U.S. for 30 days, effective March 13. The United Kingdom is not included in the ban. Read More >>

Huawei Hopes to Win Over Europe With Plans to Build 5G Factory in France

After the U.S. government warned European nations numerous times that the use of Huawei networking equipment poses a security risk, now it appears Huawei is hoping to alleviate those fears with new plans to build a 5G manufacturing facility in France. Read More >>

The European Commission Made A Name On Wrangling Big Tech. Now, It Wants To Profit From It

While the European Commission might be better known as a force that cracks down on some of the egregious practices of stateside companies, today they laid out an ambitious plan to bolster their own tech prowess. Read More >>

The First Death from Coronavirus Outside Asia Has Been Reported in France

France reported the first death due to coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19, outside Asia on Saturday. According to health authorities, the victim was an 80-year-old Chinese tourist from the Hubei province, the centre of the outbreak, who arrived in France on January 16th. The man was hospitalised shortly after his arrival and died on Friday at a hospital in Paris. Read More >>

Europe Has a £100 Billion Natural Gas Problem

In 2019, the U.S. began officially pulling out of the Paris Agreement, rolled back tons of important climate legislation, and expanded fossil fuel infrastructure. Meanwhile last fall, Germany committed to reaching net-zero by 2050 late last month. And last month, the UK’s oil and gas industry committed to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, too. Read More >>

right to repair
The Right to Repair Busted Appliances is Getting a Big Boost in Europe

From 2021 onward, manufacturers in Europe will have to make household appliances longer-lasting and easier to repair thanks to new standards in the European Union. Read More >>

More Than Half of European Trees Found Only in Europe Face Extinction

A new assessment shows that more than half of the trees only found in Europe are at risk of extinction. Read More >>

British Rail Companies Abandon Interrail From 2020

Interrail tickets will stop working across the UK from 1st January 2020, as the rail franchises of the nation have decided to end their participation in the decades-old trans-European ticketing system. Read More >>

Brutal Heat Wave Breaks Temperature Records Across Europe

Europe is burning. A heat wave—the second in roughly a month—is taking over the continent, and it’s already breaking records. Again. And these are some of the world’s oldest temperature records. Read More >>

Report: Amazon Facing Antitrust Probe in the EU Over Its Use of Marketplace Merchant Data

The European Union is planning an antitrust investigation into e-commerce giant Amazon over its treatment of third-party merchants that rely on the company’s marketplace to sell goods, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

France Just Obliterated Its All-Time Heat Record

France has never been hotter. The intense dome of high pressure sitting over Europe has shattered heat records across the continent. At least five countries set June heat records on Thursday and on Friday, France smashed its all-time temperature record at at least a dozen weather stations. Read More >>

Ben & Jerry’s Needs You! To Vote Today and They’re Giving You Free Ice Cream to Do It

It's voting day here in the UK as we participate in the European elections although we  have no idea how much our votes are actually going to matter what with Brexit still floating over our heads. To get people motivated to actually give a shit, American ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's is rewarding voters with a free scoop of ice cream at one of its Scoop Shops. If that news alone is enough to get you to drag your arse to the polling booth, you probably shouldn't be voting in the first place. If anything, we'll send you an ice cream to keep you at home. Read More >>

Italy Begins to Enforce ‘No Vaccines, No School’ Policy After Deadline Expires

Italian schools have begun turning away children who have not received mandatory vaccinations after a temporary waiver expired, the New York Times reported on Tuesday, with at least 300 children told they could not attend preschool in the city of Bologna this week. Read More >>

climate change
Nearly 2 Million People Sign Petition to Sue France Over Climate Inaction

More than 1.8 million people worldwide have signed a petition from environmental groups to sue the French government for failing to take sufficient action on the matter. These groups, which include Greenpeace France and Oxfam France, are calling it the case of the century. Read More >>