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Citizens of the EU Are Being Given the Chance to Vote Down Daylight Saving Time

The European Commission is giving citizens of the European Union the opportunity to cast their vote in a public poll that could lead to the elimination of the sleep-depraving practice of changing clocks twice a year for the sake of daylight saving time. Read More >>

Europe to Facebook and Google: Remove Illegal Content in One Hour (We’re Serious This Time!)

The European Union really wants tech companies to get their shit together when it comes to policing content on their platforms. Today, it issued new guidelines for how companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook should handle illegal content on its European websites: quickly, proactively, and with human oversight. Read More >>

Google Could Face £2 Billion European Commission Fine Over Unfair Search

Last month, the European Commission issued Google with formal anti-trust charges over Android. Now, it appears that the company could face new fines over skewing search results. Read More >>

Qualcomm Accused by EC of Paying Companies to Use Its Hardware

Qualcomm’s been caught up in a shady-sounding scandal, with the European Commission accusing it of using naughty tactics to put a local rival out of business. Worse still, that local rival happens to be British. Grrrr. Read More >>

“But, But, Search is Free,” is Google’s Surprisingly Strong EU Antitrust Case Defence

Google says it shouldn’t be punished for allegedly abusing its search dominance in Europe, as it provides a free service to users. The European Commission wants to slap the company with a hefty fine -- possibly as high as $6.6 billion -- but, Big G is convinced that the charges won’t stick. Read More >>

We Might Finally Get Cheaper Ebooks in the UK

Ebooks are crazy-expensive at the moment, often much more than a physical book, and that's simply insane. Now it looks like that might change, after the European Commission stuck its oar in. Apple and four major publishers have settled their legal wranglings with the EC, meaning retailers should now be free to discount ebooks, just like they do paperbacks. Cheaper books for all, at last. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Officially Getting a Spanking From the EC (Again)

Looks like Microsoft's got some pain coming its way from the EC again. The European Commission has officially given notice that Microsoft broke antitrust laws, by not fully complying with its browser choice commitments in Windows 7. It's going to get a fine for sure, but how much? I suspect it'll be pretty hefty, this time round. Read More >>

Google’s Getting Hit with a 400-Page Smackdown from the European Commission

The European Commission is the latest governing body to jump on the Google antitrust dogpile. According to the FT, it's about to serve Google with a 400-page statement of objections, containing a litany of by-now familiar complaints. Read More >>