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This Double Star System Puts ‘Double Rainbow’ to Shame

When the world was young and unsullied, we did wholesome things, like laugh at Cheezburger memes and other cat-related pleasantries. One treasure we all adored was the Double Rainbow video, in which a man — ostensibly on peyote and beaver tranquillisers—nearly orgasms at the site of two rainbows in the sky. Those halcyon days may be over, but now, we have a double star system to enjoy instead. Read More >>

Ceres’ Bright Spots Are Changing

For over a year, Ceres’ bright spots have dazzled astronomers and the space-loving public alike. The glimmers became a little less mysterious in December, when we learned that they’re essentially giant piles of salt. But now, ground-based observations are adding another fascinating wrinkle to the story. Read More >>

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Laser-Zapping Telescopes Have Never Looked So Amazing

We've showed you the Paranal Observatory's laser-guided telescopes before, but never in gorgeous HD motion, replete with clear stars and deftly swiveling machinery. This is definitely one you're going to want to watch fullscreen. Read More >>

There Really Is an Eye Watching Us From Space

A new infrared image of the Helix Nebula captured by the European Southern Observatory in Chile looks even more like God’s eye looking down on us. It’s almost creepy in its wondrously beautiful haze of red, orange and yellow. Read More >>