Eurostar’s New(ish) Alcohol Policy Has Boozy Brits up in Arms

Despite changing its policy on alcohol last year, passengers on Eurostar have only just noticed, and they're not happy about it. Read More >>

Eurostar Will Go Direct From London To Amsterdam This Year

Eurostar plans to offer a direct route from London to Amsterdam before the year is up. You can already use the service to get to the city now, but you need to change to a different, albeit high-speed, train to get to either Rotterdam or Amsterdam. The new service will go direct in little under four hours and there will be two trains per day. Read More >>

Teen With Haemophilia Considers Legal Action After iPhone Explodes on Eurostar

A British teenager has described the moment his iPhone 5S went up in smoke on the Eurostar after the battery apparently exploded. 19-year-old trainee lawyer Arthur Smith suffers from haemophilia, which affects his blood’s ability to clot, and could have been in serious trouble. Read More >>

EE’s Channel Tunnel 4G Data Connection Hits 57 Mbps Speeds

EE's Channel Tunnel 4G data connection is proving popular with Eurostar customers. Announced back in January, it's been used to download 282GB of data by the train's passengers since being switched on at the end of September. 25,000 EE users have tapped into the connection, which has hit speeds of 57Mbps, and averages out at 13.5Mbps. Considering it's 75 metres underground, with the train travelling at 99mph at some points in the journey (and that the UK average home broadband speed is only a little faster at 18.7Mbps), that's pretty impressive. [EE] Read More >>

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Eurostar

One of our greatest civil engineering projects, Eurostar, turned 20 years old on Tuesday. Although it doesn't look a day older than 18, the train line has an interesting, chequered history. So, train fans, engineering fanatics and proud Brits: read on to learn 12 things you didn't know about Eurostar. Read More >>

Happy Birthday to Our Best Bit of Train Track — Eurostar Turns 20

20 years ago today, the Queen opened Waterloo International station and took the first official Eurostar train through the Channel Tunnel to France. Turns out we didn't get overrun with rabid dogs and getting the train to France is quite an exciting way to spend a weekend. Read More >>

Weekend-Return Eurostar Travel to Paris for £69 is Your ‘Get an Eiffel of This!’ Deal of the Day

France is great. Everyone eats meat and gets slowly drunk all day and they all have amazing cheese hidden about their person while smoking filterless fags as they ride their bikes in the sun: not a stereotype in sight. Read More >>