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Electric Cars Rocket to Slightly Larger Tiny Fraction of UK Vehicle Total

People with electric cars don't have to worry about fighting other drivers for the charging cables and EV-only parking spaces just yet, as although sales are on the up the proportion of pure EVs on the roads in the UK remains rather infinitesimal. Read More >>

The Knowledge Is Power: Meet The Electric Taxi Hoping To Bring London’s Cabbies Charging Into The 21st Century

It’s well known that London has a pollution problem. After just one month of this year, the capital had already smashed pollution limits on several of its busiest roads. Without action, we’re at risk of finding ourselves on the fast train to Beijing-like conditions, calling at smog, 40,000 early deaths and carbon central. Read More >>

The New Nissan Leaf Proves Range Anxiety Is Bullshit

One day, 2018 might be looked back upon as the year that everything changed for cars. Every car maker is now hard at work building electric vehicles to replace their carbon-spewing predecessors. Tesla’s Roadster has literally been launched into space. And perhaps most importantly: Nissan has released a new version of the Leaf, a vehicle which might represent an unarguable move into the mainstream for EVs. Read More >>

London’s First Electric Black Cab Hits the Streets

The first customer to take delivery of one of London's new electric taxis has been made a star of, with black cab maker LEVC taking photos and quotes to mark the historic day that Chingford's David Harris got his keys. Read More >>

Shell Has Plans to Build 80 New EV Charging Stations Across Europe

These days the range of your average EV isn't exactly terrible. Some of them can go for hundreds of miles before they need to be recharged, after all. But that doesn't mean we don't need charging points dotted around the place, and for some people the perceived lack of options puts them off an electric vehicle. Luckily there are plans to build more, and Shell has just revealed some of its own. Read More >>

Full Electric Cars Sales Rocket to… 476 in a Month

That new Nissan Leaf has got a lot of work to do, as sales figures for pure, full electric car sales in the UK show that they're not exactly capturing the public's imagination yet. Read More >>

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Nissan Leaf 2018: Tokyo Launch Unveils Sleek Design, Better Range & Self-Parking

The Nissan Leaf - the world's most popular all-electric car - got a major upgrade at a bustling event in Yokohama, Japan this morning. We elbowed our way through the massive crowd of excitable dudes in suits to bring you the latest about one of the most promising mainstream EVs yet. Read More >>

BMW Shows Off Full Electric Mini Designs

We now know what the UK-built electric Mini is going to look like, courtesy of brand custodian BMW. It's a Mini, of course, but with glowly swooshy bits to tell everyone it's got the posh new kind of motor and a battery inside that'd keep a smartphone operational for a decade. Read More >>

UK Wins Battle to Build Full Electric Mini

The forthcoming electric version of BMW's next-generation Mini is to be built in the UK, as the company's bosses have decided that our Oxford base is the best place to knock them out from, despite all the UK/EU/Brexit hoo-haa that had some worrying end production might be handled elsewhere. Read More >>

Next-Gen Nissan Leaf Has a Bumper Car Style Stop/Go Superpedal

The next version of the Nissan Leaf is going to come with quite a fancy innovation in the form of its e-Pedal option -- an all-in-one power and braking control that Nissan says should be good for 90 per cent of your driving day. Read More >>

Qualcomm Tests a Wireless Charging Road

Mobile tech giant Qualcomm has pulled off an interesting stunt in the world of electric cars, claiming to have created the first wireless-charging bit of road. Read More >>

Boffin Says Petrol Cars Will be Dead by 2025

An economist is telling everyone to sell their BP shares in a roundabout way, by warning that the switch to electric cars could be so swift that current petrol and diesel models could all be on the scrap heap within eight years. Read More >>

Electric Car Brownouts Coming Soon to a Street Near You

Some people running the maths ahead of the anticipated electric car boom have some bad news for the electrified streets of the near future, claiming that having as few as six EVs charging themselves up at the same time on the same road could trigger localised power shortages. Read More >>

MG’s E-Motion is Cheap, Electric and Coming in 2020

MG is finally returning to its sporty little car roots with this, the E-Motion; an all-electric modern day homage to its two-seaters of old, but slightly bigger and with room in the back. And it should cost less than £30k, too, which is quite cheap in middle-aged-man new car world. Read More >>

UK Electric Car Sales Hit All-Time High*

The extremely slow stroll to electric car adoption seems to have upped its pace ever so slightly, with figures covering the UK's new car sales saying that sales of all-electric and hybrid vehicles in the UK have reached a new high. Read More >>