iOS 8.2 Has Been Jailbroken Before it’s Even Released

The 8.2 version of iOS is still in beta and unavailable to non-developers, but that hasn't stopped Chinese-based outfit TaiG from breaking it free from Apple's shackles (and also jailbreaking 8.1.1, the current release, in the process). Read More >>

iPhone 5 jailbreak
Apple Credits Evad3rs as the iOS 6.1.3 Update Nukes Your Untethered Jailbreak

Apple has finally patched the gaping lockscreen hole in iOS 6.1, but in the process it's also killed-off the exploits used by Evad3rs for their Evasi0n jailbreak. In fact, Cupertino went as far as to credit the jailbreakers for finding the four of the six holes. If you're running a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, don't update, for now. Read More >>

A Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.1 Is Already Here

iOS 6.1.1 was released yesterday, and there's already a jailbreak available for it. The Evasi0n jailbreak tool which hit the internet last week has been updated to v1.3, and it will now liberate everything. Read More >>

Evasi0n Jailbreak
If You Jailbroke Your iPhone Recently There’s an Update Waiting For You

After literally millions of people jumped on the super-simple Evasi0n jailbreak, and pretty much overwhelmed Cydia, the Evad3rs have been tracking down and squashing bugs like warring Trojans. So it's time to check for updates, either through Cydia or to crush any issues. Oh, and the awesome SBSettings got an update too while you're in there. [Twitter] Read More >>

Evasi0n jailbreak
The iPhone 5 Jailbreak Should Be Out Today

For those hoping to wake up to a fresh release from the Evad3rs, and iOS 6.1-jailbreaking fun, I have bad news. It's not quite ready yet. The good news is it should be at some point today. Read More >>

Evasi0n jailbreak
Here is the iPhone 5 Jailbreak We’ve All Been Waiting For, But You Can’t Have It Till Sunday

Talk about a damn tease. A group of jailbreakers, known as the Evad3rs, has just shown off the world's first iPhone 5 and iOS 6.1 jailbreak, that'll unshackle everything but the new Apple TV. Here it is, but you'll have to wait till sodding Sunday to actually use it. Read More >>