Apple’s New Hardware Event Comes With “Fashion” Warning

Apple is said to be inviting "fashion editors and bloggers" to its event tomorrow, hinting at a nightmare for tech fans in which the anticipated iWatch is a crystal-covered piece of filler with colourful cases for casuals. [Reuters] Read More >>

Rise of the Intestinal Selfie

A bizarre new public event will be held in London next week, hosted by culinary experimenters Bompas & Parr. On Friday, March 14th, before a live, paying audience, "food writer, pop-up chef and Sunday Times columnist Gizzi Erskine" will "swallow a medical grade pill-cam which will broadcast its footage live to video screens." Read More >>

Samsung’s Got Yet More Android and Windows Phones on the Way For a London Event

Samsung seems to be basically "pulling an HTC" of old, flooding the market with oodles of Android devices in the hope that you'll buy one or two. After the Galaxy S4 launch, Samsung announced yesterday that it's holding a Galaxy and ATIV premiere in London on June 20th, which means even more Android devices and a few Windows Phones to add to the roster. Will we see the Galaxy Tab 3.0, finally? [Samsung] Read More >>

The HTC M7 Will Probably Arrive In London On February 19th

If you've been looking forward to seeing what HTC's got up its flagship phone-shaped sleeve, we've got good news: HTC's holding an event in London on February 19th to launch what's probably the incoming M7. Is there's going to be a new King of the Androids wandering about before MWC? Looks like it. Read More >>

Today’s Apple Event Will Be Streamed Live to Apple TVs

For those eager to hear what Tim Cook has to announce later on, good news: today's Apple event will be streamed live, direct to Apple TVs. Read More >>

Apple Event: iPad Mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina, New iMac and Mac Mini?

The Apple iPad Mini is being announced on October 23. Tim Cook and his mariachis are presenting the new ultra-thin, ultra-light, magical and sightly smaller iPad* at 6pm at the California Center in San Jose, and we'll be covering it live, here on Giz UK. Read More >>

What’s HTC Playing at With This Weird-Looking, Cryptic Event Invite?

We're about to see Nokia show off its Windows 8 Phones, which is basically Microsoft making the launch of WP8 official, but now we've got something from HTC too? Is that an 8 in there? Or maybe just a very unhappy Cyclops? Read More >>

Google’s Preemptive Attack May Confirm Apple’s New 3D Maps at WWDC

The Google-Apple War continues: the Android company is going to introduce their next generation of maps on June 6, just a few days before Apple is supposed to unveil iOS 6, which allegedly would include a new in-house map app. Read More >>

Mysterious Samsung March 22nd Event Screams of a Galaxy S III Announcement

Samsung’s already told us we’re not going to see the Galaxy S III at MWC, and now we’ve got a Samsung event scheduled for the 22nd of March. If that doesn’t reek of a post-MWC Galaxy S III unveiling, I’m not sure what does. Read More >>

Apple Event Announced for Next Thursday In New York

Mark your calendars: Apple has summoned the press corps for a special event on January 19th in New York City. That's next Thursday for those keeping count. What's this going to be? A special version of the iPad for students, perhaps? Read More >>

What to Expect at Apple’s iPhone Event Tonight

Tonight, Tim Cook will be talking iPhone and more. Here's a list of all the things you can expect. Read More >>