Scientists Just Installed the World’s Highest Weather Station in Mount Everest’s ‘Death Zone’

Scientists announced on Thursday that they successfully installed five automated stations, including the highest weather station in world, on Mount Everest’s flank. At 27,658 feet (8,430 meters) above sea level, the station is set to record some of the harshest weather anywhere on Earth. And with a satellite connection, anyone can monitor the weather in Mount Everest’s so-called death zone – where there isn’t enough oxygen to sustain human life for long – in real time. Read More >>

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This Terrifying Video Shows a Huge Avalanche Hitting Everest Base Camp

We've all seen pictures of the devastation caused by the Nepalese earthquake, but with the event hitting 7.8 on the Richter scale it certainly wasn't restricted to populated areas. Mount Everest was also hit quite badly, and this video from base camp shows just how terrifying that must have been. Read More >>

Nepal Will Force Each Everest Climber to Collect 9kg of Rubbish

Mount Everest might be the be-all, end-all of mountaineering, but it's also a dumping ground for the climbers striving upon its face—which is littered, as National Geographic puts it, "with garbage leaking out of the glaciers and pyramids of human excrement befouling the high camps." This week, Nepal announced a new rule aimed at cleaning it up. Read More >>

The First Watch to Climb Mount Everest

As a watch is handed down from generation to generation, the stories behind its life make it more and more valuable. And as far as past lives go, this Rolex, currently on display at the Beyer Watch and Clock Museum in Zürich, Switzerland, could top them all. It accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary on one of the most famous expeditions of all time—to the top of the world. Read More >>

How Big Is the Tallest Mountain That Could Ever Exist on Earth?

We've got some pretty tall mountains here on Earth. Granted, even the best of 'em don't hold a candle to what's waiting on Mars, but they're still impressive. Just look at the views Google got with its Street Mountain View shots. Read More >>

Google Maps’ New Mountain Summit Street View Lets You Peek Off the Peaks You’ll Never Climb

Face it, you're no mountaineer. Unless you are, in which case congrats. But for the rest of us, there'll be no mountain-top revelations to make our souls take flight. Not in real life anyway. But Google Map's new summit shots are the next best thing. Read More >>

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Check Out this Awesome Gigapixel of Mount Everest — It’s Like Being There in the Flesh

Not a lot of us are going to have the luck, or the inclination to drag ourselves up the side of Mount Everest, but with this incredible gigapixel image, you can feel like you're really there, kind of. That's some serious zoomage. Read More >>

Watch Made From Mount Everest Rock Is Still Cheaper Than Climbing It Yourself

You might scoff at spending almost fifteen grand on a relatively boring watch that's crafted from a chunk of rock brought down from Everest's summit. But when you consider an expedition up the world's tallest mountain can cost as much as £50,000, this timepiece actually becomes a slightly more affordable way to visit the top of the world. Kind of. Read More >>

There’s a Ridiculous Traffic Jam of People Trying to Climb Mount Everest

Even though four people died trying to climb Mount Everest last weekend and even if reaching the summit costs more than a Porsche, it's not stopping people from attempting to scale the highest point on Earth. In fact, there's so many people trying to climb Mount Everest that it's causing a human traffic jam. Read More >>

One-Armed Afghan War Vet to Climb Everest with Badass Prosthetic Ice-Pick

Losing an arm in Afghanistan isn't stopping Private Jaco Van Gass from climbing the highest mountain in the world. The 25-year-old South African soldier is testing a prosthetic ice axe of his own design, which he'll use to climb Mt. Everest next month. Read More >>

How Much Does It Cost to Climb Mount Everest? Around the Cost of a Porsche

Alan Arnette has an excellent post on Outside detailing the costs of reaching Earth's highest summit, Mount Everest. I've never thought about it before but it totally makes sense that there are a lot of things that go on to make that climb, right? And all those things cost a lot of money! Like £52,800-a-lot-of-money. Read More >>

Ventile, the Magical Waterproof Fabric That Time Forgot

If you were to poke your nose around the door of some fashionable London boutiques  -- Howies, Albam, Fred Perry - you might encounter a jacket made with a mysterious material called “Ventile”. First developed for the World War II, this stuff is waterproof, windproof and 100 per cent breathable, which makes it perfect for the unpredictable British weather. Read More >>