IBM Remains Spineless as 31 More Companies Oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban

The list of companies opposing President Trump’s discriminatory Muslim travel ban has grown. Late yesterday, 31 companies added their names to an amicus brief opposing the ban, claiming that it hurts business. The total is now 127 companies, but there’s still one high profile tech company that hasn’t grown a backbone: IBM. Read More >>

Here’s What You Should Now Use Instead of Sketchy Evernote

Popular note taking app, Evernote, updated its privacy policy with a small, but potentially terrifying caveat: all your notes are open to reading by human employees. This news is a great reason to avoid Evernote. Read More >>

Evernote, Google Keep, OneNote – Which Note Taking App is the Best?

Popular cross-platform ideas-saving aide-memoir Evernote has suddenly and drastically gone down in everyone's estimation, thanks to the money men winning some internal arguments and limiting the features available to users of the free version. So is it time to jump ship and start using something else to tell you a thing needs doing on Friday? Read More >>

An Evernote Free Basic Account is Now Basically Useless

Big changes are headed to note taking app Evernote and, unless you're prepared to dip into your pocket, free users are going to be hit hardest. Read More >>

Of Course Evernote is Axeing its Physical Products

A few years ago, Evernote tried to branch out into selling physical objects — desk tidies, messenger bags, wallets and the like — that would keep you organised in real life, too. But its shutting the store down on Wednesday. Read More >>

Evernote’s New Desk Organisers Keep Your Physical Stuff Tidy Too

Evernote has been helping you organise your digital world for a while, and now it has a little more to offer as far as your desk is concerned; it's just added a whole new line of desk organisers to its offerings. Read More >>

DDoS Attack is the Reason Your Evernote Musings Have Been on the Blink

Cloud-syncing note service Evernote was hit by a DDoS attack late last night, preventing many of its 100 million users from accessing their files. Knocking the service out by sending massive amounts of traffic to Evernote's servers, it's not thought that the hackers were able to access any user data. Either way, it's always smart to update passwords after any attack, so get on to that now. Evernote now believes it's brought things back under control, but noted that some users may still experience a "hiccup here and there". Neither the perpetrators, nor their motives, have been revealed yet. [Evernote] Read More >>

Evernote’s Moleskine Business Notebook Keeps Your Private Notes Secret

Despite hundreds of keyboard and stylus accessories for your phone or tablet, a pen and paper is still the easiest way to take notes at work. And in their continued effort to bridge your gadgets and notebooks, Evernote and Moleskine are introducing a business-oriented notebook that gives you space for jotting private notes not meant for coworkers' eyes. Read More >>

If the Samsung Galaxy S5 Doesn’t Tempt You, Maybe its Included Freebies Will

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 ready to hit stores, Samsung's making one final push to gain your custom. It has just revealed the premium "content gifts" it's offering alongside the handset, and they're not to be sniffed at. Read More >>

O2 Customers (or Crafty Deal-Hunters) Get Free Evernote Premium as of Today

Signed a couple years of your life away to O2? Here's something to cheer you up this morning -- all O2 customers, rich or poor, new or old, Pay-as-you-Go or contract, get a free 1-year subscription to Evernote Premium as of today. That's an offer worth £35, so if you're an Evernote user and an O2 subscriber, it's worth checking out. Read More >>

Evernote Loses Plot With “Smart Covers for Your Feet,” AKA £53 Business Socks

Evernote, which makes a very nice mobile phone app, has expanded its product range in a shock new direction, offering a selection of "Japanese Business Socks" for the discerning international playboy. With an asking price of around $85 (£53) for just five pairs. Which is mad on at least three separate levels. Read More >>

Feedly Pro Will Offer Article Search, Evernote, and More — For a Price

Maybe we should've known that the inevitable consequence of losing Google Reader would be paying for something else — or, at least, the option of paying for something else. The day has arrived. After years of serving up its services entirely for free, Feedly will now offer a "Pro" version — including many features you've come to expect for free. Read More >>

6 Obvious Evernote Features Google Keep Can’t Replace

Since Google launched Keep yesterday, the question on everyone's mind seems to be how does it measure up to Evernote. Well don't think the newcomer is going to suddenly oust Evernote as the best service for interweb jotting. It's just way too barebones. Read More >>

Google Keep
Is Google Keep a New Google Drive-Powered Note-Taking Evernote Rival?

Looks like someone at Google slipped up and hit publish on something that the world wasn't meant to see just yet. Android Police managed to snap a load of screen grabs from a new Google Drive-attached service called "Keep" before it was rudely yanked from the internet. Read More >>

google glass
Google Glass Will Work with Apps Like the New York Times, Path, Evernote and More

Google showed off some new features of Google Glass at SXSW and they could be quite useful. For example, the New York Times (and probably others) will be integrated with Google Glass so you'll see pop up notifications of breaking news. You can even peep pictures, headlines or have Google Glass read the news to you too. Read More >>