Pretty Famous Celebrity Wears a Dress with 2,000 LED Lights That Shows Her Tweets

Nicole Scherzinger, who’s famous for once being a singer for the Pussycat Dolls but is still famous because she’s smokingly attractive, wore a Twitter Dress to an event. Not a dress designed by Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang but a dress with 2,000 LED lights that display Tweets sent to her. Read More >>

Yep, EE Will Be Selling 4G iPads and iPad Minis (Updated With Prices)

If you put two and two together and count four, then well done -- you probably had enough brains to figure out that EE would be supporting the two latest iPads with its sweet 4G flavours. Confirmation was received from the network today, so if you really want a taste of 4G on a 'Pad, this is the only way to get it. Read More >>

How Do I Get 4G on My Brand New iPhone 5?

So, now that the iPhone 5 pre-orders are up, EE's been in touch to clarify the rather clear-as-mud situation concerning Orange and T-Mobile and grabbing 4G service on EE's new LTE network for the iPhone 5, or any other 4G-capable phone. Here's the lowdown, but the long and short of it is, go with 3G on EE's legacy networks and then swap when 4G's available. Read More >>

Would You Pay an Extra £10-a-Month For 4G?

That's a question I've been asking myself -- how much am I willing to pay for 4G? Now there's a rumour floating about that it'll cost you less than a tenner-a-month more, on top of your original contract, to grab 4G. Sounds reasonable, but I guess it depends on data limits, now doesn't it? Read More >>

The iPhone 5 Will Be 4G-Enabled in the UK too, Thanks to EE’s LTE Network

Apple's finally put an end to all the rumours and announced the LTE-packing iPhone 5, and for once, we can get in on the 4G-action too. Yes, that's right, the iPhone 5 supports the 1800MHz band of EE's brand new LTE network for blazing fast data in the UK. Read More >>

Guardian: iPhone 5 “Confirmed” to Run on UK 4G Network

As EE's CEO strongly hinted yesterday, the iPhone 5 is highly likely to be able to run on our brand-spanking-new 4G network. Now the Guardian has some anonymous sources that confirm the iPhone 5 will run on EE's 1800MHz 4G network -- a UK 4G iPhone 5 anyone? Read More >>

A UK 4G-Capable iPhone 5 Practically Confirmed By EE’s CEO

While EE didn't come out and say it directly -- I think Apple would have shot them for that -- while on stage talking about incoming LTE phones for the UK's first 4G network, EE's CEO, Olaf Swantee, drop some extremely heavy hints that it would be carrying a 4G iPhone 5 "soon." Read More >>

EE’s the First 4G Network in the UK, But Just How Fast Is It?

So, EE's 4G network is up and running, well, for testing anyway. But just how fast is it, and what speeds can you expect once you get a 4G phone in the palm of your hand, in the next month or so? Read More >>

Samsung, Huawei, HTC and Nokia Hooking Their Phones into EE’s 4G Network

As well as announcing details of its launch of the UK's first 4G network, Everything Everywhere's new EE brand has listed the first LTE mobiles we'll get to use over here. It could be Nokia's chance to shine. Read More >>

Everything Everywhere’s Got Its Finger on the Switch of Its New “EE” 4G Network

As expected, Everything Everywhere's just announced that its 4G network, which like the company, is now just called EE. But it's not just 4G, it'll also be fibre broadband too. Unfortunately, it's not live for the customer today, but it will be "within the coming weeks", so we've got a bit of a wait till we can hop on the screaming, 4G network. Read More >>

Nokia’s Lumia 920 Could Be Everything Everywhere’s 4G Champion in the UK

According to a report by the FT, Nokia and Everything Everywhere are in negotiations to bring Nokia's fancy (lying) new 4G-packing Lumia 920 Windows 8 Phone to the UK in November. Could it be the 4G phone to have? Read More >>

Everything Everywhere’s 4G Network Will Fire Up Next Tuesday

Looking forward to tasting the sweet, blazing waves of the 4G revolution? You've not got long to wait. Everything Everywhere's launching its 4G LTE network next Tuesday, September 11th, and it'll outline what phones we're going to get and where 4G will be rolled out first. 4G's almost here folks, after such a long wait. [Android Central] Read More >>

You Can Now Pay For Things Using Your NFC-Equipped Galaxy S III In the UK (and Get Free Money too)

It might not be a full-blown Google Wallet, but as of tomorrow you'll be able to contactlessly pay for things using your Galaxy S III, thanks to Orange and Barclaycard's Quick Tap. All you need is a Galaxy S III; a MasterCard or Visa, and money in the bank, then you'll be able to fritter away your hard earned cash on everything from beer to gadgets. Read More >>

A 4G Version of the HTC One X Could Be Everything Everywhere’s First 4G Phone

Now that we're finally getting a 4G network to call our very own, it's about time we got some phones to go with it. It seems the HTC One XL, which is basically the beastly-One X with go-faster, 4G stripes, might well be it. Read More >>

Everything Everywhere Signs Contactless Payment Deal with Mastercard

Everything Everywhere is making a renewed push into the contactless mobile payment world, signing a five-year deal with Mastercard to bring NFC payments and more to Orange and T-Mobile users. Read More >>