8 Wild Examples of Evolution Copying Itself

Every once in a while, Darwinian natural selection stumbles upon the same solution more than once, in a process known as convergent evolution. Here are our favourite examples of evolution making the same creature, or same physical trait, twice. Read More >>

Paleontologists Predict What Future Animals Might Look Like

It’s a bit unorthodox, reaching out to those who spend their lives studying past and asking them to predict the future. But these paleontologists were happy to take on our assignment: Could you apply what you know about how life has changed over time to guess what species might be like millions of years from now? Read More >>

This Philosopher Is Challenging All of Evolutionary Psychology

It’s not often that a paper that attempts to take down an entire field. Yet, this past January, that’s precisely what University of New Hampshire assistant philosophy professor Subrena Smith’s paper tried to do. “Is Evolutionary Psychology Possible?” describes a core problem with evolutionary psychology, called the matching problem. Read More >>

‘The Weirdest Fossil I’ve Ever Been Lucky Enough to Study’: Skull Found in Amber Reveals Tiny Toothed Bird

The tiny skull of a hummingbird-size dinosaur has been found trapped in amber, raising important questions about the evolution of birds and the surprisingly early trend toward miniaturisation. Read More >>

Prehistoric ‘Cat’ Skull Actually Belonged to an Ancestor of Modern Wolverines

A tiny skull mistakenly attributed to an ancient feline has been re-identified as belonging to an ancestor to modern weasels, wolverines, minks, and otters. Read More >>

Your Dog’s Ice-Cold Nose May Be a Sensor for Detecting Heat at Distance

The amazing canine nose is more impressive than we thought, demonstrating the ability to detect weak infrared radiation from a distance, according to new research. Read More >>

Why Decade-Old Dating Apps Can’t Beat Half a Billion Years of Brain Evolution

It may seem like an age since you decided to test the waters with a Tinder account in 2012, but in the great scheme of human evolution, the app – and indeed, every other dating app – is embryonic. And while profiles may have evolved from long, self-indulgent prose to hilariously unrepresentative pictures to be swiped away like an irritating fruit fly, they’re no match for the way our brains have evolved to filter out the incompatible. Read More >>

These Crows Evolved Into a New Species, Boned the Old Species Too Much, Now Back Where They Started

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, a glacier advanced upon the Pacific Northwest, its ice forming a natural barrier that fractured crows into two populations. These populations began to diverge into two separate species, which ornithologists decided were distinguishable by small differences in body measurements and the sounds they made. At least, that’s what they thought. Read More >>

‘Bizarre’ Land Turtle Somehow Survived Mass Extinction That Killed the Dinosaurs

Very few land turtles managed to survive the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, but at least one species of primitive turtle managed to fend off extinction in the northern hemisphere, according to new fossils found in France. Read More >>

Jaw of 330-Million-Year-Old Shark Found in Kentucky Cave

Sharks typically don’t come to mind when you think about landlocked Kentucky, but as fossil evidence from the state’s Mammoth Cave National Park shows, this place was once chock-full of the carnivorous fishes. Read More >>

‘Walking Sharks’ Confirmed as the Newest Addition to the Shark Family Tree

Sharks have been around for a long time, emerging over 400 million years ago. New research shows that tropical ‘walking sharks’ appeared just 9 million years ago, making them the most recently evolved shark on the planet. Read More >>

436-Million-Year-Old Scorpion Was Among the Planet’s First Air Breathers

A newly described scorpion dating back to the early Silurian period is answering important questions about the first arachnids and the adaptations that enabled some of the earliest animals on Earth to migrate from aquatic to terrestrial habitats. Read More >>

This Newly Discovered Cretaceous Mammal Had Really Freaky Ears

Palaeontologists in China have discovered the fossilised remains of a rodent-like creature that featured an auditory system unlike anything seen before. Read More >>

Found Frozen and Almost Perfectly Preserved in Permafrost, this 18,000-Year-Old Puppy Could Be a Huge Deal

The DNA of an exquisitely preserved puppy found in Siberia doesn’t appear to fit the profile of a dog or a wolf, which means the specimen might be something in between. Read More >>

Stunning Fossil Discovery Uncovers the Second-Most Primitive Flying Bird

Palaeontologists in Japan have uncovered the fossilised remains of a 120-million-year-old flying dinosaur that’s seriously shaking up the bird family tree. Read More >>