Ofgem Wants Four Times the Wind Power and 10m EVs on the Roads by 2030

The UK's energy regulator thinks we should lay off congratulating ourselves about renewables, as it foresees a four-fold increase in offshore electricity generation coming by 2030 – a move that's essential as it also imagines 10 million electric cars will be dangling off charge points by then too. Read More >>

Government Puts £3.4m into Wireless Electric Taxi Charging Scheme

Nottingham City Council, the government's Future of Transport department and a basket of companies all with an oar in the future of electric mobility are preparing a wireless charging scheme in Nottingham, where a small fleet of taxis will be kitted out with wireless charge units for six months to see if it makes EVs more palatable to pro drivers. Read More >>

The Popularity of Electric Cars Was on the Rise Again Last Month

Registrations of new cars may have been on the decline last month, but the number of EVs amongst them was on the rise. Read More >>

100 Tescos Start Offering Free Charging for EVs

100 Tescos – or 100 individual branches of Tesco, to make it known that I do not refer to Tesco as "Tescos" – are to start offering free charging for EVs as you load up with processed delights, in a deal probably paid for by Volkswagen as it's an e-Golf and an ID.3 seen charging up in the promotional photography. Read More >>

First Full-Electric Black Cab Hits London Streets

An entirely electric black cab in an approximation of the traditional London vernacular has gone on sale, with any new entrants to the world of licensed urban taxi driving able to pick one of for just £47,995 when factoring in the full government EV grant break. Read More >>

Green Number Plates for EVs Are on the Way

The government's People in Charge of Transportation Issues are pushing ahead with a consultation on how to add more momentum to the UK's switch to electric cars, and has raised one boring old idea from its slumber – issuing green number plates for full-electric cars. Read More >>

Homemade Car/Motorbike Hybrid Caught on Motorway

Some sort of homemade motorised vehicle was caught trundling down a motorway by police in Bedfordshire, who clearly thought they'd have to turf the owner out and make him or her get a taxi home while the recovery team came out to tow the weird creation to a nearby dump. But no, this amazing and seemingly taped together vehicle was deemed roadworthy and allowed to continue, bread flapping in the wind and all. Read More >>

UK Electric Car Sales Rocket in Their Own Little Way

Car sales data for the month of July is predictably all over the place, with sales of diesel-engined models continuing to plummet and recording a 22 per cent year-on-year decline; but pure electric vehicles have exploded, sort of, and recorded a 158 per cent increase over 2018's new owner numbers. Read More >>

Government Bungs Land Rover a £500m Promise to Guarantee EV Production

The government is vaguely state-aiding Jaguar Land Rover's ambitions to build its future EVs in the UK, and is to guarantee a loan of £500m in order to reassure investors and the buyers of its middle-aged-people-carriers that the carmaker is not going anywhere. Especially not down any drains or being sold to Sports Direct. Read More >>

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Wireless EV Charging Attempted in a Few South East Streets

Slices of government money are being handed out to further enthuse a subset of men about electric cars, with this latest funding round helping two new charging systems to launch trials of their technology in the suburbs. Read More >>

Nissan Demos an All-Electric Ice Cream Van

There's to be no more gassing kids as they queue for a £4 Feast in Nissan's dream of the near future, as it's using today -- a day that people whose job is to be on the internet all the time are calling Clean Air Day – to demonstrate a concept all-electric ice cream van. Read More >>

Home-Charging Electric Car Daisychainers Risk Electrocution/Fire Etc.

Electric car owners are taking risks. As well as basing their hopes, dreams and personalities on an emerging transport format, they can also be guilty of potentially dangerous practises when it comes to home charging their lovely, blue-accented new vehicles. Read More >>

Even the Boring Corsa’s Going Electric

The boring old Vauxhall Corsa is about to become the thrilling new all-electric Vauxhall Corsa-hyphen-lowercase-e-for-electric, as a full battery-only model of the everyman car is included in this year's achingly tedious catalogue of new small Vauxhalls. Read More >>

350kW-Ready EV Charge Point Opens Today for the Zero Compatible Cars

People who own electric cars in the future – and have come back in time for a holiday to see if the year 2019 was as shit as the textbooks say – have somewhere new to charge up today, with the first of the next-generation of 350kW really-quite-very-ultra-super-fast chargers now online for use in the UK. Read More >>

Insurer Offers Flat Battery Cover for EVs

The motor insurance company by the typo nightmare name of LV= has launched a range of policies specifically designed for drivers of full electric cars, which offer the benefits of a national recovery service to the nearest public charger should drivers pull a Clarkson and fail to find a working charging station before their batteries die. Read More >>