Jeremy Clarkson Still Hates Electric Cars

Some absolute idiot at Hyundai thought it might be a good idea to lend Jeremy Clarkson a Kona Electric. That's the Kona ELECTRIC, the carmaker's brand new – uh-oh! – electric car. It's a pure EV too, none of this halfway house hybrid nonsense to bail Jeremy out when he engineers a low battery scenario for comic effect. Read More >>

Lord Brexit Plans to Build His Electric Cars in Foreign Land

One of the country's loudest pro-Brexit business voices has rather oddly decided to base a massive new manufacturing hub thousands of miles away in Singapore, with Sir James Dyson choosing to expand his overseas facilities in order to build its forthcoming electric car. Read More >>

Nissan Told to be Clearer About Leaf Charging Times

Nissan has got into some retrospective trouble about the way it promoted its second generation Leaf EV, with complaints lodged with the advertising police about various charging claims upheld. Read More >>

Would a Green Number Plate Get You Excited About a Renault Zoe?

The government has come up with a plan to get the sales figures of electric cars to match up with the hype of the supposed future of driving, with the idea of introducing special green number plates for EVs being floated. Read More >>

A Few London Roads Live the No Petrol Engines Dream

A handful of streets in London are about to get slightly less grimy and stinky, thanks to two local green-leaning councils banning petrol and diesel-engined vehicles entirely. Read More >>

Nissan Leaf
Young People Bang up for Electric Cars, Old People Not so Keen

A survey asking young people what kind of car they might buy were they to ever have any money has thrown up a massive divide in age-related opinion, with the under-35s much more likely to consider going non-petrol and full-EV than their parents and grandparents. Read More >>

Tesla Launches One Model 3 into the UK

The Model 3, Tesla's cheap-as-a-Leaf EV, is coming to the UK soon, although there's one quite massive catch. The electric car company is bringing just one Model 3 over to show people, almost as if it's rubbing in the car's lack of UK availability. You might be able to buy it, though, if you're nice to the Tesla UK stand reps and they're not planning on sending it back. Read More >>

BP Buys 6,500 Electric Car Charging Points

Some people within petrochemical giant BP are looking to a time when they stop selling drilled out oil for a living and shift electricity at the forecourts instead, as it's paid an unspecified amount of money to buy UK electric car charging network Chargemaster. Read More >>

Rolls-Royce Bets Posh Money on Supercapacitors

Supercapacitor is the new exciting word of the future. It's a potential replacement for lithium batteries, a power storage option that offers massive benefits including thousands of times the capacity in the same footprint, vastly quicker charging times and zero potential for catching on fire. If only it was real yet. Read More >>

Bentley SUV Goes Semi-Electric and Has a Philippe Starck Charger

Bentley wants in on the electric car scene of today, hence the creation of the Bentayga hybrid -- a plug-in version of its new SUV for the super posh. Read More >>

London’s First Electric Black Cab Hits the Streets

The first customer to take delivery of one of London's new electric taxis has been made a star of, with black cab maker LEVC taking photos and quotes to mark the historic day that Chingford's David Harris got his keys. Read More >>

CES 2018: Here’s the Latest EV Startup Trying to Take Down Tesla

It’s not often you get to see the birth of the new car brand, but with Tesla’s recent success (and the backing of deep-pocketed investors in China), newly formed Future Mobility Corp. is giving things a go with its new electric car brand Byton. Read More >>

Electric Cars Could Escape Bridge Tolls – Until They Become Popular

Loads of old people who make decisions within the UK city of Southampton's council department could make a monumental change to the nation's road rules next week, when they rule on whether or not to allow electric cars free passage over a toll bridge. Read More >>

5 Things We Learnt About ProPilot Park From Backseat Driving the New Nissan Leaf

Last week, Giz UK went to Tokyo for the launch of the brand new Nissan Leaf. It's an interesting time for electric vehicles, with Tesla heating up the market and all the big manufacturers eyeing a piece of the pie. Read More >>

Full Electric Cars Sales Rocket to… 476 in a Month

That new Nissan Leaf has got a lot of work to do, as sales figures for pure, full electric car sales in the UK show that they're not exactly capturing the public's imagination yet. Read More >>