Apple’s Recycling Programme Netted £28 Million in Gold Last Year

Over the last year, Apple processed 40.80 million kilos of electronics they were unwanted or broken. It turns out they were nearly worth their weight in gold—a substance which is used heavily in electronics for its conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Read More >>

Humans Threw Out 41.8 Million Tonnes of Electronics Last Year 

The amount of old electronics we throw in the bin is staggering, and now a new report from the United Nations University quantifies the extent to which we’re clogging our planet with discarded iPods and rusty washing machines. Read More >>

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Watch Dead Tech Get Demolished at an E-Waste Recycling Plant

When we stepped inside the facility, you could almost smell the circuitboard. All around us conveyor belts were transporting staggering heaps of electronics to and from shredders and sorters—from hard drives to old TVs, to medical devices, Macbooks, and printers. So many printers. Read More >>