The Latest Star Wars Animated Short Actually Makes the Ewoks Kind of Scary

Ewoks are controversial among certain elements of the Star Wars fanbase. Cute, fluffy, and awfully goofy, a lot of people find their defeat of Imperial forces in Return of the Jedi unlikely. On the one hand, come on: it’s a movie. On the other hand, the newest Galaxy of Adventures short finally provides an answer to this problem by making the Ewoks, um, kind of terrifying. Read More >>

Getting Hunted by Ewoks in Star Wars: Battlefront II Is as Terrifying as Any Horror Movie

Despite the fact they are flesh-eating guerilla warriors capable of thoroughly thrashing a vastly technologically superior foe, everyone’s takeaway about the Ewoks is that they’re cute, stress-lowering, fuzzy teddy bears. But Star Wars: Battlefront II has added a new mode that reminds us that these teddies can be utterly terrifying when you’re their target. Read More >>

Enjoy the Final Battle of Return of the Jedi Without the Ewoks

My favourite part of Return of the Jedi was the final Death Star battle, a perfect choreography of models filmed with computer-controlled cameras. It was truly amazing—except for the Ewok clowns interrupting the flow with their unrealistic fight.* So I always wanted to see this: The entire battle in high definition. Read More >>

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The Only Lego Set You Will Enjoy Destroying More Than Building

I guess this had to happen sooner or later: Lego's latest and greatest Star Wars megaset is not an awesome spaceship, a short astromech or a moon-sized metal ball that makes death. No, my dear friends, this 1,990-piece set is the Ewok Village. Read More >>