Kids Go Mad for Old Lady Herb Rosemary

Weird myths about plants are still alive and well according to retailer Holland & Barrett, which says the kids are bulk-buying products containing rosemary because of a supposed link between the plant and better mental performance around exam time. Read More >>

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Exam Tweeters Enable Cheaters

Parents expressing exasperation at some of the questions their kids are facing in exams are accidentally enabling cheating, with the Department for Education now actively scouting social networks to ask parents to stop giving away hints as to the content of test papers. Read More >>

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Everything You Might Need For Your Revision Sessions

We're well into Spring now, and for a lot of people that means the immediate run-up to the exam period. Whether they're A-Levels, GCSEs, university and college exams, or whatever. Nobody likes revision, but it has to be done. If you're still getting yourself ready to cram, here are some things you might want to get your hands on. Read More >>

Marking Software and Dodgy Writing Could Harm Students’ Exam Scores

An examiners’ report from the almost-certainly terrifying people on the AQA exam board has suggested that students’ scores could actually be harmed by dodgy writing and the shortcomings of their own marking methods. Read More >>

Can YOU Answer Today’s GCSE Maths Questions?

The people in charge of teaching our children all the things they can't learn from an iPad and YouTube have released a batch of past GCSE Maths exam questions, allowing bored adults to secretly see if they're as capable at maths as the average 15- or 16-year-old in England is (supposed to be), as they sit the real-deal in a school hall somewhere today. Read More >>

Iraq Hacks Own Internet to Beat Exam Cheats

Iraq has once again been accused of breaking massive chunks of the country's internet on purpose, with another series of national outages coincidentally happening right when national exams begin at 5:00am -- mirroring what happened this time last year too. Read More >>

Could YOU Answer Today’s SATs English Questions?

Fun for all the family site SATs 2016 has published a sample key stage 2 SATs English test to give everyone a taste of what the country’s youngsters have to put up with before, well, before they’re able to play around and get into trouble, like kids are supposed to. So go on, lock yourself away for a bit, put 10 minutes on the clock and don't even think about cheating. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Binning Last-Gen Windows Store App Exams This Summer

Microsoft has announced quite the cull of its existing developer exam scheme, kicking out loads of older Windows 8 App Store certificates so they can be replaced by their new Windows 10 App Store equivalents. Read More >>

Worried About Exam Results? These Billionaires Didn’t Even Finish Their Educations

School's out for summer in the UK, but if you're a teenager that's just sat exams, today's your day of reckoning. Results have been sent out today to those who'd rather just be curled up under the duvet, drowning the memories of algebra, chemical reactions and grammatical rules with bottles of MD 20-20. And for some, those grades may not make for enjoyable reading, especially those looking to head into prestigious higher education slots. Read More >>

China is Using Drones to Catch Exam Cheats

A Chinese city has apparently taken to the skies in order to spot student cheats - using drones hovering 500m above the test site to keep watching. Read More >>

School Test Results Improve After Banning Mobile Phones

Researchers mapping exam test results and school mobile phone bans have some bad news for the student population of the UK, with data suggesting that schools that ban mobiles can expect to see test results rocket by a whopping 6.4 per cent. Read More >>

Google Search Should be Allowed in Tests says Head of Exam Board

We've all been there at some point or another, having to sit at one of dozens/hundreds of desks regurgitating information onto an exam sheet. We all hate exams, but what would happen if we were able to stop and use Google halfway through? One exam board chief thinks it's a great idea. Read More >>

Smartwatch Micro-Craze Triggers Watch Ban in Universities

The fact that some people want their notifications on their wrists has spoilt the empowering, knowing-the-time fun for some uni students, thanks to examiners realising that smartwatches could be used to cheat in exams. Read More >>

Students Warned of 10-Year Jail Term for Lying on CVs

Accidentally typing "B" instead of "C" when writing your geography result on your CV could result in a jail term, students are being warned, as competition for jobs is leading some to take risks with their claims -- and face potential jail time for fraud. Read More >>

Labour is Planning a Benefit-Claimant Kicking Too, With Maths & English Tests for All

If the Labour party was to win the next general election it would introduce a "basic skills test" for unemployed benefits claimants, with the power to stop payments being made to those who fail a maths and English test and refuse training to rectify their numeracy and literacy problems. Read More >>