War Robots Don’t Have Minds of Their Own 

War, as structured state-sponsored fighting and dying, has given rise to venerated professions to manage its risks and bound its ethical dilemmas. The nature of those professions, and the meaning of their experiences, changes when the human body is no longer present in the fight, fuelling a public debate. Read More >>

Gizmodo Exclusive: Read Julian Assange’s Introduction to The Wikileaks Files

This essay by Julian Assange is taken from the introduction to The Wikileaks Files: The World According to the US Empire, a collection analysing how Wikileaks’ release of US diplomatic cables impacted foreign policy. Read More >>

The Incredible Tale of Stuxnet, a Weapon for the Digital Age

Countdown to Zero Day, a new book by Wired journalist Kim Zetter is a whodunnit for the internet age. It tells the true tale of how a complicated virus, which later came to be known as Stuxnet, took down hundreds of nuclear power plants. Read More >>

An Early Look at XKCD’s Upcoming What If? Book

XKCD's What If—that extra-special corner of the internet that answers all of our nerdiest, most absurd questions in delightfully extensive detail—is finally being made into a book. And fortunately for all those who just can't wait, Nerdist has the very first look inside. Read More >>

How Doctors Simulate Death to Help Bring You Back to Life

"Mark is lying on the operating table right in front of me, and it is obvious that his day has taken a turn for the worse. Which is too bad, because his day started out quite well". Read More >>

How Turbulence Happens, and Why it’s Not So Scary After All

Turbulence: spiller of coffee, jostler of luggage, filler of barf bags, rattler of nerves. But is it a crasher of planes? Judging by the reactions of many airline passengers, one would assume so; turbulence is far and away the number one concern of anxious passengers. Read More >>

the dreamers
The Theoretical Minimum, or How One Physicist Rediscovered His Love of Teaching

I’ve always enjoyed explaining physics. For me it’s much more than teaching: It’s a way of thinking. Even when I’m at my desk doing research, there’s a dialog going on in my head. Figuring out the best way to explain something is almost always the best way to understand it yourself. Read More >>

The First Time the Public Ever Saw a Polaroid

Polaroid, that thing that happened before Instagram happened, is one of the fascinating untold tech stories of our time. In the recently released Instant: The Story of Polaroid, Christopher Bonanos recounts the stunning day the inventors of Polaroid first unveiled their new technology. Read More >>