Working Out in a Group Is Better for Your Mental Wellbeing Than Going at It Alone, Suggests Study

The way we exercise and who we choose to do it with is a very personal thing, but new research suggests that working out in a group setting has its advantages, resulting in significant improvements to physical, mental, and emotional measures. Those who workout alone, by contrast, experience virtually no changes in stress levels or perceived levels of fitness, at least those in the study—even though they tend to put in more effort. Read More >>

UK Adults Spends More Time on the Toilet Than Exercising

Stats charting the health and exercise habits of the nation appear to show just how far in decline we are, with adults apparently spending more time preening and peeing in the toilet than on doing any form of exercise each week. Read More >>

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A Pedal-Powered Lift Will Make You Less Guilty About Not Taking the Stairs

Can’t shake that nagging, guilty feeling that you should have dragged your bum up the stairs every time you take the lift? Then you’re in luck, because Vycle creators Elena Larriba and Jon Garcia have come up with a pedal-powered lift alternative that helps you get in shape as you travel between floors. Read More >>

Why On Earth Would You Fast Every Other Day?

If you distil life down into its most basic parts, you’re here to do one thing: eat. Aside from a few days mandated by certain religions, every single day is a journey to consume enough food to make it to the next day. And maybe not get bored or uncomfortable along the way. Read More >>

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Australian Scientists Declare Virtual Reality Is Officially Considered Exercise

When you look at almost any study about the physical and mental benefits of video games, you'll find a reference to "exergames". Games like Wii Sports, and Just Dance on the Kinect - the kinds of games specifically designed to get you active. Read More >>

Gym Offers 45-Minute Intensive Sleep Routine

Targeting stressed parents who don't have enough time to sleep at night what with working three casual jobs and having numerous social media feeds to maintain, gym group David Lloyd has had an idea. A 45-minute trip to the gym where you lie down and have a nap under the pretence of it being a valuable wellbeing class. Read More >>

When It’s Cold Outside, is it Better to Stand, Walk, or Run to Keep Warm?

While waiting for the bus in the dead of winter, you’ve probably wondered if taking a run around the block would help you battle the freezing cold. After all, your body generates heat and warms up when you exercise, right? It turns out that strategy has some merit, but only at certain speeds. Read More >>

Australian Scientists Just Discovered The Real Reason Your Muscles Are Sore After A Workout

Most of us are familiar with sore muscles after a workout. But for the first time, what is actually going on when you're aching - at the cellular l level - has been discovered. Read More >>

Fisher-Price Will Battle Childhood Obesity With an Exercise Bike Tablet Holder

Your tablet-obsessed child spending hours on the couch poking at a touchscreen probably isn’t doing their waistline any favours. But instead of wrestling an iPad out of their hands, Fisher-Price wants to help battle childhood obesity with a tablet holder that’s essentially an exercise bike for kids. Read More >>

Pedalling This Exercise Bike Gives Your Dog a Workout Too

You can probably think of countless reasons why you don’t want to take your dog for a walk. It’s too cold, you’re tired, his arch nemesis lives around the corner — the list goes on and on. But with this double-duty exercise bike and treadmill, you can give your pup a good run without ever stepping outside. Read More >>

Take a Day Off Between CrossFit Workouts, Study Says

Yeah, we know, your CrossFit gym has completely changed your life, you’ve never looked/felt better, and all other exercise programs pale in comparison. But you may want to ease off the intensive workouts now and then. All that over-exertion can actually impair your immune system, according to a new study just published in Frontiers in Physiology. Read More >>

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Someone is Cycling the Length of Britain in VR

Exercise bikes can be a great way to get yourself some much-needed exercise, but they aren't exactly thrilling experiences. At least cycling on the roads adds the rush of maybe being hit by a car when you skip the lights. Not content with simply banging the TV on, Aaron Puzey is using his exercise bike to cycle the length of Britain with a bit of help from virtual reality. Read More >>

Tim Peake Beat the Record For Running A Marathon in Space

The London Marathon was held earlier today, and among its runners? Astronaut Tim Peake, orbiting above the Earth on the International Space Station, and he set the world(?) record for running a marathon in space. Read More >>

Acer Unveils ‘First Cycling Computer’ That Automatically Uploads Video Based on Heart Rate

Acer unveiled a fresh bit of kit for avid cyclers at its annual bash in New York yesterday, dubbed “the first cycling computer”. Read More >>