This Robotic Exoskeleton Saves the Human Body Precious Energy

As machines go, the human body is an extraordinarily efficient one. The way we move — our arm swing, cadence, step length — is all calibrated to minimise energy consumption, allowing the body to get the maximum mileage out of calories it consumes. But in the burgeoning field of soft robotics, scientists have struggled to replicate this. Scientists imagine that one day, robotic exoskeletons could help sick kids walk and make the elderly stronger, supplying weak bodies with supplemental strength. If only those robotic exteriors could move as efficiently as a healthy human body. Read More >>

The World’s First Child-Sized Exoskeleton Will Melt Your Heart

We’ve seen exoskeletons before, but nothing quite like this one. The new brace, developed by Spanish researchers, will help children with spinal muscular atrophy. Read More >>

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Take an Uncanny Tour of the World’s Largest Prosthetics Fair

The world’s largest orthopaedics event is happening right now in Leipzig, Germany. From prosthetic legs that enable people to run faster to exoskeletons that can make the disabled walk again, OT World 2016 is showcasing some of the most futuristic inventions you’ve ever seen. They’re also creepy as hell. Read More >>

Exoskeletons That Help People Walk Again Are Getting Really Impressive

Here’s the Phoenix exoskeleton, a 12-kilo wearable robot that could help everyone from disabled vets to kids learn how to ditch their wheelchairs and walk again on their own two feet. Read More >>

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Here’s a Homemade Exoskeleton Jacking Up a Small Car

There’s all sorts of expensive R&D facilities working frantically to make body-enhancing skeletons into actual things – but the research isn’t limited just to big companies. Two years ago, a YouTuber showed off his Elysium-inspired suit curling 77 kilos; last weekend, he decided to lift a Mini Cooper. Read More >>

Creepy, Beautiful, Helpful, Badass: Here Come Futuristic Robots From Japan

The four-day International Robot Exhibition just wrapped up in Japan over the weekend, and the wild machines introduced in Tokyo, one of the world’s biggest robot hubs, did not disappoint. The show attracted 450 companies and 5,000 non-robotic humans. Here’s a look at some of coolest from the show floor. Read More >>

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This is the Australian Defence Force’s Take on Exoskeleton Technology

Exoskeleton technology — the use of an external wearable framework that augments a human’s natural physical ability — is one of the most interesting developments in modern military science. Like many other countries around the world, Australia is developing its own version. Read More >>

Meet the Robots That Will Help Run a Tokyo Airport

When I say “airport,” what do you think of? Pat-downs, overpriced everything, screaming kids, broken sanity? In the near future, however, you could start associating air travel with robots: airport halls may soon be filled with scuttling, helpful machines that’ll make flying less of a nightmare. The revolution is starting at a major airport near Tokyo. Read More >>

The US Army Built a Robot to Help Soldiers Shoot Guns Better

The US army's latest super-solider innovation is inspired by the movie Aliens. And yes, the mechatronic arm exoskeleton is about as apocalyptic as it sounds. The arm-mounted device is literally a robot that lets soldiers shoot guns better. Read More >>

This Exoskeleton Rig Makes Factory Workers 10 Times Stronger

Folks in manufacturing jobs are subject to labour that can literally be back-breaking. But this exoskeleton prototype, one of the first designed specifically for industrial work, could make objects with exhausting heaviness feel up to 10 times lighter. Read More >>

Here’s the First Artificial Leg That Can Feel

Artificial limbs have restored powers like standing and walking for those who have lost legs, but not sensation: patients couldn’t feel the ground beneath them. Until now. Read More >>

Accident Victim Awarded Exoskeleton as Part of Damages Settlement

Sarah Thomas was left paralysed following a car accident in Australia in 2010. A UK High Court settlement has just determined the level of damages she's entitled to, seeing as she was hit by a driver who was also a UK resident, finding that she should be provided with an Ekso Bionics Ekso GT robotic exoskeleton to help with her home rehab. Read More >>

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This is What a Realistic Gundam Suit Will Be Like

Remember Gundam? The ‘80s sci-fi anime set in a futuristic space world where humans battle each other in “mobile suits”? Basically combat vehicles that look like people instead of tanks? It’s one of the pop culture fantasy worlds that set the stage for today’s exoskeletons: wearable machines that grant you superhuman powers. Read More >>

This Exoskeleton Boot Saves Energy in an Ingenious Way

After millions of years of evolution, your feet are still not perfectly energy efficient. Enter exoskeletons. Researchers have created a new boot that, unlike other exoskeletons, makes walking more efficient without an extra battery or power source. Read More >>

Someone Send This Man Some Lego So He Can Make a Full-Body Exoskeleton

You know that box of old Lego blocks under your childhood bed? (Or your current bed.) Now's the time to surrender at least a handful of them for the greater good of humanity. In this case, the greater good involves helping Milan Sekiz build a full-body exoskeleton out of Lego. Read More >>