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Pouring Water on a Magic Marker Stick Figure Magically Brings It to Life

If the lighting wasn’t so bad, we’d be inclined to believe this video was the work of a Hollywood special effects studio, because somehow, a simple magic marker doodle of a stick figure appears to come to life with nothing more than some spilled liquid. Read More >>

Flushing Sodium Down the Toilet Could be the Last Thing You Do

Grant Thompson does silly stuff with science and when he received a request to flush sodium down a toilet he knew who to call — the man who flushed mercury down a toilet with a hypnotic swirl. All cleaned up, the mercury toilet meets its ultimate demise in a mushroom cloud of destruction. Read More >>

Facebook is Testing Self-Destructing Posts

Spotted by The Next Web, Facebook is testing a new feature that would allow people to schedule a time for their posts to be scrubbed from their timeline. This "Choose Expiration" feature lets you choose a life expectancy from 1 hour up to 7 days, based on user screenshots. Read More >>

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Red Hot Nickel Ball Proves These Eggs Certainly Are Tough to Crack

It's always fun to watch a Red Hot Nickel Ball completely destroy something. But sometimes it's more impressive that nothing happens. Like these eggs – they're practically invincible! Read More >>

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What in the World is This Creepy Experiment?

This is the strangest, funniest, most unique historic photo you'll probably see today. What the hell is going on? Is this an experiment? Why are these blue-dressed men torturing that poor sitting buddha? What are those scary instruments on his head? Is that the Ewok throne for C-3PO? So many questions! Make your own guess about this rare scientific photo in the comments, below. Read More >>

This Tower Exists Solely for Dropping Things

The 475-foot "drop tower" in Bremen, Germany, is not a rocket disguised as a building, but a giant hollow tube used for experimentally dropping things—letting go of objects, watching them plummet toward the ground, and using those nearly 10 seconds of free-fall as a way to study the effects of weightlessness. Read More >>

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Watch How Silly People’s Reaction Times Are in Slow Motion

This is fantastic. Distort measured people's reaction time by making them catch a falling ruler to see how quickly (or slowly) their brains can translate what they see into what they do. Putting the video to slow motion emphasises how silly our reaction times can be. Some of us are so slow we might not even catch the ruler! Read More >>

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Roadkill Experiment Shows That Six Per Cent of Drivers Are Sadistic Animal Killers

Our friend Mark Rober from NASA makes some awesome videos, but this science experiment must be his best yet. He basically showed that six per cent of the drivers out there are sadistic animal killers. Read More >>

Lose an Hour This Afternoon In Google’s Weird and Wonderful Chrome Web Lab Experiment Thing

In conjunction with the Science Museum, Google's launched a fancy new interactive experiment that lets you prat around on the internet; play and make music together; see through the eyes of a robot, and a load of other awesome collaborative audio-visual experiences. Read More >>

This Man Must Be the Saddest Scientist In the World

This is Professor John Mainstone, from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. He's the custodian of the longest running science experiment in the history of the world. He also must be the saddest scientist in the world. Read More >>