His Dark Materials’ Most Confusing Plot Points Explained

Multiple worlds, armoured bears, dust, daemons. BBC and HBO’s His Dark Materials can be pretty confusing. We’re here to open up the alethiometer and answer a few of your biggest questions about what the crap is going on. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know Before Watching The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Another world, another time, in the age of wonder. The Dark Crystal finally returns with a prequel series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The Jim Henson Company has been cautious about expanding the lore of ‘80s classic The Dark Crystal, only authorising a couple of books, some graphic novels, and a cancelled manga. But those few pieces, along with the film, tell a deep and complex saga. Read More >>

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Everything You Need to Know About Section 31, Star Trek’s Sinister Starfleet Secret

Although Star Trek is predominantly set in a utopian future where humanity has solved its problems and ventured out into the stars to explore the cosmos and forge peaceful new alliances, every once in a while the series likes to show a dark mirror to the price of maintaining paradise – and Starfleet does it with Section 31. Read More >>

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A Short, Uncomplicated Guide to Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s Long, Complicated Love Life

Few couples in comic book history come close to the stature of Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker. Even though they haven’t actually been a couple in the comics for over a decade – something that could be about to change – Pete and MJ’s relationship has been one of the most dramatic and beloved in comics. Given that their complicated history might be about to resume once more, here’s a brief rundown of their shared past. Read More >>

What the Hell Is a Quantum Computer and How Excited Should I Be?

They will never sit on your desk, and they will most certainly never fit in your pocket. Today, they’re fragile, and need to be kept at temperatures close to absolute zero. Quantum computers aren’t much like the desktop PCs we’re all so familiar with—they’re whole new kind of machine, capable of calculations so complex, it’s like upgrading from black-and-white to a full colour spectrum. Read More >>

Why a Shrink Ray Would Also Be a Death Ray

Think about every piece of media that involves humans shrinking down to a fraction of their size: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids... Ant-Man... Fantastic Voyage... that Magic School Bus episode based on Fantastic Voyage. Now realise all those characters should be stone dead. The laws of physics don’t care about whimsy or suspension of disbelief. Read More >>

How Does a Sparkler Work?

What’s in that sparkler that burns so bright? That’d be incredibly hot-burning chemicals, mainly. Read More >>

What Makes a GPU Different From a CPU?

Better graphics requires a better graphics card. This much is intuitive to most people. But asking what makes a GPU different from a standard CPU is almost a trick question, because at their most fundamental level they’re the same damn thing. Read More >>

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The Most Absurd Lie Ever Told About Salt

Salt. It shows up in our idioms about as often as our food. Even the word 'salary' is derived from salarium, the term for a Roman soldier’s earned ration of salt. But one of the most ridiculous lies perpetuated about this humble mineral is that in ye olden days, salt was more valuable than gold due to its function in food preservation. YouTube historian Lindybeige explains how this is all just a big misunderstanding. Read More >>

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Why Confetti is Video Quality’s Worst Nightmare

So you’re watching sportsball, and your team wins. The stadium fills with confetti, and the broadcast starts to look like total crap. Why does confetti make the players on your expensive TV look like Minecraft character? The answer lies in the nature of digital video compression. Read More >>

The Difference Between RGB and CMYK, Explained

Anyone who has ever opened Photoshop has been met with the question of using RBG or CMYK at some point. These might seem like arbitrary options at first, but each represents a different approach to creating — and displaying — colour. The distinction is explained in a new video from Express Cards. Read More >>

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A Quick Refresher on How Computer Memory Works

RAM, DRAM, SRAM, SSD, HDD. The language of computer memory, like most other components of computers and smartphones, is a collection of alphabet soup. So it can be difficult to wrap your brain around what exactly those collection of letters mean, and more importantly, what the hell they do. Read More >>

The Brilliantly Simple Way Satellites Slow Down Is Basically Yo-Yos

Any number of forces can mess up a spacecraft’s flight path on its way to where it needs to go—but spinning helps average those torques to add stability to the trajectory. But when a satellite does successfully reaches orbit, how does it stop spinning? Read More >>