Malaysian CEO’s Death Reportedly Caused by Exploding Phone

Nazrin Hassan, the CEO of a Malaysian venture capital fund, died after one of his mobile phones reportedly caught fire while it was charging in his bedroom. Conflicting reports have attributed his cause of death to blunt force trauma and smoke inhalation, but authorities say that they need more time to investigate exactly what happened. Read More >>

This Is What Happens When a Phone Explodes on Your Leg (Warning: Graphic)

You have the Internet in your pocket. The ability to communicate with anyone in the world at your fingertips. A big and beautiful glass screen that's asking to be touched. Too bad all those things can combine into one giant battery-fuelled bomb in your trousers. We've all heard about phones exploding and seen the damage it causes, here's what it looks like up close. It's terrifying. Read More >>

This Samsung Galaxy S II Started Burning In a Man’s Pocket And Almost Blew His Nuts Off

It's not just iPhones that are blowing up these days, this Samsung Galaxy S II almost exploded in a man's pants. Seriously. Could you imagine if your phone caught fire and started burning everything in your nether regions? Ouchouchouch. Read More >>