For Some Reason, Samsung Might Sell Refurbished Versions of Its Exploding Phones

The Galaxy Note 7 is a huge black mark for Samsung—an exploding embarrassment that cost the company tonnes of money and kicked off one of the biggest PR nightmares in recent memory. But despite the global recall, the jokes on late night TV, and the fact that the US FAA and other agencies banned the phone from air travel, Samsung might sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7s in the future. That’s... certainly a choice! Read More >>

Apple ‘Looking Into’ Exploding iPhone 7 After Smoking Hot Video Goes Viral

On Wednesday an Arizona teen tweeted a video of her iPhone 7 Plus smouldering in its thick plastic case after it apparently exploded. Apple is “looking into it,” according to a company spokesperson. Read More >>

Canadian Man Says Galaxy S7 Exploded in His Hand: ‘I Should’ve Lost My Eyes’

Amarjit Mann told a Canadian news station that he felt his Galaxy S7 phone getting warm in his pocket while he was driving, and when he pulled out the phone, it instantly exploded in his hand. Mann says the explosion caused second-degree burns on his hand and third-degree burns on his wrist. Read More >>

A Different Samsung Phone Reportedly Explodes 

Yet another Samsung device may be running into problems. According to local news reports, a Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone caught fire in Pau, France over the weekend. Read More >>

Samsung Still Doesn’t Know What Made Note 7 Go Boom

After continued reports of the phones catching on fire when charged, Samsung finally put the Galaxy Note 7 out of its misery two weeks ago. But 2.5 million recalled devices and $2.3 billion in projected losses later, the company is apparently no closer to identifying what killed its flagship smartphone. Read More >>

All Galaxy Note 7 Devices Are Now Banned From US Flights: Report

Government officials will be banning all Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from any flight in the United States, according to a report from Bloomberg. Read More >>

Samsung Halts Note 7 Sales Worldwide, Urges Owners to Power Down

Amid continued reports of their new flagship smartphone catching on fire, Samsung suspended global sales and replacements of the Galaxy Note 7 on Monday and advised current owners to turn the devices off. Earlier in the day, the company confirmed it was “adjusting” the phone’s production schedule after reports that Samsung had temporarily stopped manufacturing the device. Read More >>

Man’s Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire, Samsung Accidentally Texts “I Can Try and Slow Him Down”

A third replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has caught fire. Michael Klering of Nicholasville, Kentucky told WKYT that he woke up at 4am and his room was filled with smoke. The phone that Samsung had recently replaced was burning. “It wasn’t plugged in. It wasn’t anything, it was just sitting there,” he said. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy 2 Spews Smoke and Sparks on Flight to Singapore

After the botched recall of the very explodey Galaxy Note 7, Samsung just cannot catch a break. On Friday, during an IndiGo flight from Chennai to Singapore, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the overhead compartment started spewing smoke and sparks. Read More >>

Airlines Now Verbally Warning Passengers Not to Use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the Plane

Airlines and airports are beginning to crack down on explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. This was brought to the attention of many when New York Times reporter Mike Isaac tweeted that his airline verbally warned passengers to power off and stow the recalled device. Read More >>

Galaxy Note 7 Explodes in Hotel Room and Causes Over £1,000 Worth of Damage

Yet another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has spontaneously exploded, this time reportedly racking up more than $1,800 AUD (£1,030) worth of damages in a man’s hotel room. Read More >>

Samsung Delays Note 7 Shipments After Explosion Reports

Samsung isn’t taking reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7s lightly. The company is delaying shipments of its latest flagship until it can do more quality control testing. Read More >>