DIY Bomb-Maker Let Off Because He Was Merely Experimenting as a Hobby

A 22-year-old man from Coventry who claims to have developed an interest in bombs after watching The Hurt Locker has been let off by the Supreme Court, which agreed with his legal team's assertion that building bombs for "personal experimentation" and/or his own "self-education" is actually fine. Read More >>

Man Accused of Using Drone to Airdrop Explosives Onto Ex-Girlfriend’s Property

Prosecutors have accused an autoworker of using a drone to drop bombs on his ex-girlfriend’s home in Washington Township, in the US state of Pennsylvania. Read More >>

Redditor Gives Live Updates After Apparently Finding Anti-Tank Missile in Server Room

Ever head into the office to find your chair at someone else’s desk? Or a new plant in the break room? What about a live explosive next to where you keep the server racks? That’s what Reddit user WhySoSadCZ appears to have found and photographed after attempting to perform some routine maintenance in a seemingly innocuous office building. Read More >>

A Drone Company Allegedly Brought a Bomb on a Commercial Flight and Fired an Employee for Reporting It

Today in absolutely bonkers allegations, a recently filed lawsuit claims American drone maker AeroVironment transported explosives on a commercial flight and then attempted to cover it up by firing an employee for reporting the incident to the US government. Read More >>

This Gross Puking Robot Is a Much Safer Way to Mix Rocket Fuel

It’s understandable that you want to be as careful as possible when handling explosive material like rocket fuel—but manufacturing the volatile mixture requires even more care. So JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, helped create a safer way to mix explosive ingredients by building a working robotic version of human intestines. Read More >>

German Bomb Technicians Successfully Defuse World War II-Era Allied ‘Blockbuster’ in Frankfurt

Large sections of central Frankfurt, Germany were evacuated on Sunday in preparation for authorities to defuse a World War II-era, 1.4-ton HC 4000 air mine, with CNN reporting at least 60,000 people were asked to leave the area while the bomb defusal operation proceeds. Read More >>

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Watch a Madman Ride a Bike Packed With 1,000 Exploding Rockets

Riding a bike without a helmet or other protective gear is already a risky idea. But climbing aboard a custom-built bike packed with 1,000 rockets while you’re protected by nothing but a fireproof slab of foam strapped to your back is risk on a whole other level—even if you’re a semi-pro mad scientist like Colin Furze. Read More >>

Bristol Student Accidentally Made High Explosive in Chemistry Experiment

A student at Bristol University has generated quite the amazing anecdote to tell people he or she meets for the rest of his life, after forcing the uni to evacuate its buildings when it turned out that the dangerous explosive triacetone triperoxide, or TATP as it's known in DIY terror circles, had been manufactured during a routine chemistry experiment. Read More >>

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Lighting 200,000 Sparklers at Once Creates an Incredibly Satisfying Inferno

The sparklers arms race just made a few hefty strides towards sparklers doomsday as the folks at JoyBlend doubled their previous record by lighting off 200,000 of them at the same time. If you’ve ever wanted your birthday celebration to end in a gigantic apocalyptic fireball, this is how you’d do it. Read More >>

Researchers Made Bionic Spinach Plants That Can Help Detect Deadly Land Mines

Popeye was right when it came to the health benefits of spinach, but that simple sailor man couldn’t have predicted this unorthodox use of the superfood. Researchers at MIT have found a way to use spinach to detect explosive materials in soil, potentially making the plant a safe way to detect landmines. Read More >>

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Mad Pyromaniac Builds an Explosive Death Star Using 5,000 Fireworks

To help celebrate gaining his three-millionth subscriber, madcap British inventor Colin Furze, the creator of the thermite cannon and questionably-safe hoverbike, among others, has successfully topped all of his inventions to date by building his own miniature Death Star covered in 58 boxes of fireworks all wired together for one magnificent 20-second spectacle. Read More >>

Why Do We Use a Dumbass Unit to Measure Explosions?

There’s been some confusion over the size of yesterday’s explosion in China’s Tianjin province, with some people mistakenly thinking it was the largest non-nuclear explosion of all time. It was not — that honour goes to the Russians — and you can partly blame our stupid system of measurement for the mistake. Read More >>

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How to Turn Balloons Into Simple Fireworks That Only Go Boom

Looking for a fast way to get the fuzz turning up at your doorstep? Just follow Grant Thompson, AKA the King of Random’s latest video that has him turning regular balloons into high-flying explosives that sound like a fireworks display, but without all the eye candy. Read More >>

This Stamp-Sized Sensor Can Sniff Out Explosives Using RFID Tags

Detecting explosives is, obviously, an important task – but many of the sensors are large and require manual operation. So GE's tiny and affordable new RFID sensor could help automate the process, to help keep us safe without much in the way of man power. Read More >>