Deepsea Minerals are Coming Soon to a Mobile Phone Near You

Rocks mined from the seafloor have been confirmed as a viable source for rare earth metals, and thus a tiny piece of the ocean might soon find its way into a mobile phone or computer chipboard near you. The finding, published in the April 2014 issue of Applied Geochemistry, all but guarantees a new round of focus on overcoming the challenges—both industrial and environmental—of extracting mineral riches from the ocean depths. Read More >>

The Latest Mining Boom? Plants That Eat Metal and Scrub the Soil Clean

Plants that eat metal sound like a biological impossibility. But these hungry little guys exist, sucking tiny bits of toxic metal from the soil. They don't just clean the Earth, either—they can actually mine bits of gold and nickel for use by humans. Read More >>

This Is the Best Tooth Extraction Method I Can Possibly Imagine

Some kids wait until a tooth falls down on its own and then wait to collect whatever the tooth fairy brings. Not this one. She's just too badass and decides to take matters into her own hands. And her bow. If I ever have a kid, I want her to be just like this. And this. [Lolbrary] Read More >>

Extraction: Project Outbreak for iPad and iPhone – Zombie Slaying Action with One Touch Controls

Ever considered a glamorous career as a private military contractor? No? But think of all the perks; you get to shoot mindless zombies, stock up on valuable secret intel, and collect all the first aid kits, upgrades and ammo you could possibly eat. At least, that's the prospectus according to Extraction: Project Outbreak. Read More >>