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Watch a Skier Almost Hit People on a Ski Lift While Doing a Double Backflip

I’m not 100% sure the skier in the video didn’t clip his head on the boots of the people sitting on the ski lift but even if he did, he’s still bad ass enough to complete a casual double backflip off a wild jump. I’ve watched the video multiple times and it’s totally nuts because after he completes the first flip he’s basically eye level with the lift and yet he kept on spinning to nail the trick. The distance he travels in the air is sick. [Newschoolers via Digg] Read More >>

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Watch the World’s First Double Backflip on a Snowmobile

Snowmobiles weigh over 204 kilos so flipping them once in mid-air is already insanity, but Daniel Bodin wanted to do something nobody else has ever done, so he went for it and nailed a double backflip on a snowmobile. It’s a helluva trick that was attempted back in 2009 and 2011 at the X-Games but hasn’t ever been landed before like this. Read More >>

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Watch This Cyclist Front Flip Off a Cliff Straight Into the Ocean

Here’s a cool behind the scenes video showcasing how trials cyclist Danny MacAskill pulled off a wild stunt: riding down a very short ramp so he could jump off right next to someone’s house on a cliff, and front flip straight into the damn ocean. Read More >>

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Watching This Dude Sit and Spin on the Edge of a Building is so Nerve Wrecking

This is very probably one of the scariest places you can park your bum: at the very edge of a corner of a very tall building in downtown Toronto. To make it even worse, Oleg Cricket, the guy in the video, decided it would be a perfect time to start spinning around while he’s sitting too. I’ve never been so stressed out after watching someone sit down. Read More >>

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Biking on a Very Thin Handrail on Top of a 650-Foot Tall Dam is Stupidly Scary

Okay, like, riding a bike on a handrail on top of a dam is very clearly not the smartest thing a person could do. But damn, the views are actually sort of amazing. Read More >>

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This Dude Really Can’t Stop Making Ridiculous Jumps Off Buildings Into Pools

Day or night, off roofs or balconies, into pools or harbours, hell, even after getting arrested for trespassing (as he was no doubt, attempting a jump somewhere), 8booth is still making wild and reckless jumps off buildings and into pools to scare absolutely everyone watching. Read More >>

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Surfing and BASE Jumping Off a Zip Line Is Something I’ve Never Seen Before

I’d thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to BASE jumping. Read More >>

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Highlining Between 9,000-Foot-Tall Mountain Peaks Takes a Special Kind of Courage

You’ve probably seen slackliners at the park, balancing a few feet above the ground on a thin strap strung between a pair of trees. Highlining is the same idea, except Hayley Ashburn walked over 170 feet between mountain peaks, over 9,000 feet above the ground. Read More >>

Crazy Aeroplane Flies Under a Biker Doing a Backflip and a Guy Walking on a Tight Rope

Which one of these crazy people would you rather be? The person making a low pass on a stunt plane knowing if you fly any higher you’re definitely going to end up in prison? The dude doing a backflip on a motorcycle while jumping over that stunt plane? Or the exposed lunatic walking on a tight rope as the plane passes underneath him and the biker flips right next to him? Read More >>

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Here Are the Best GoPro Videos of 2015

GoPro cameras are used to document everything these days — from crazy action sports to awesome first person views to time lapses to travelling the world and more. Here’s what GoPro considers as to be the year in review for 2015. It’s great. Read More >>

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Woman in Wingsuit Flies Through a Gap Between Two Buildings

Here’s a fun video of Roberta Mancino flying in a wing suit as she splits two buildings in Panama City, Panama. It’s cool to see her quickly adjust her flight path to avoid one of the buildings and to see her reaction as she does it too. Read More >>

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Wingsuit Video Shows Flight Through a Narrow Valley

Here’s a wingsuit video that reminds you why you’ll never actually strap on a wingsuit and fly in your entire life. Read More >>

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Tony Hawk Soars Through the First Ever Skateboard Horizontal Loop

Skateboarder extraordinaire Tony Hawk is 47 years old and he’s still setting the bar for board-based stunts. Watch in wonder as he pulls off the first ever horizontal loop ever executed on a skateboard. Read More >>

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Daredevils Defies Death, Slacklines Half a Kilometre in Utah Desert

A daredevil by the name of Théo Sanson has set a new record by walking half a kilometre across a slackline in the Utah desert, traversing points named The Rectory and Castleton Tower at Castle Valley. Read More >>

Rumour: Samsung Preparing a Waterproof, Ruggedised/Extreme Galaxy S4

Reporters present at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the Gulf region are claiming the local Samsung boss told them there's a "rugged" version of the Galaxy S4 in the company's super-fat future product pipeline, which will apparently be announced by the tech giant in a matter of "weeks." Read More >>