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Sacha Baron Cohen Says Social Media Companies Have Created the ‘Greatest Propaganda Machine in History’

Sacha Baron Cohen accepted an international leadership award from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in New York last night and the comedian did not hold back when it came to the role of social media in the world. Cohen, famous for characters like Borat and Ali G, spent the majority of his speech denouncing social media companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter who have built, in his words, the “greatest propaganda machine in history” for spreading bigotry and conspiracy theories. Read More >>

YouTube Bans Anti-Nazi Documentary From 1938 For Violating Hate Speech Policy

“Inside Nazi Germany” is one of the most important anti-Nazi documentaries in history. First released on January 20, 1938, the 15-minute movie became one of the first explicitly anti-Nazi newsreels to play in U.S. cinemas and provided an early glimpse into the Nazi atrocities that would only become fully known to Americans years later. The film, part of the legendary “March of Time” newsreel series, was even chosen for preservation by the Library of Congress in 1993 because it played such an important part in U.S. history. But YouTube recently deleted my upload of the video because the company says it’s in violation of their hate speech policy. Seriously. Read More >>

Australia Plans to Block Domains That Host Terrorist Material During Crisis Situations

Australia laid out some of the country’s first concrete steps to make good on its promise of combating the spread of extremism online at this year’s G7 leader’s forum, Reuters reported Sunday. Officials said the government intends to cut off all access to any internet domain that fails to block terrorist material during a crisis event, and legislation requiring online platforms to upgrade their safety measures is also being considered. Read More >>

US Congress Subpoenas 8Chan Owner to Testify About Website’s Connections to White Supremacist Violence

8Chan has become an incredibly popular place for violent white supremacists to post their manifestos before a mass shooting. Now Democrats in America's Congress want to hear from 8Chan’s owner, Jim Watkins, and has issued a subpoena for him to testify on Capitol Hill on 5 September. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Brad Smith Calls for ‘Industrywide’ Plan to Fight Extremist Content After Christchurch

Microsoft has called for the tech industry to set a uniform approach to violent, extremist content following the sickening massacre of Muslims attending mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand by a white supremacist earlier this month. At least 50 people were brutally murdered, scores of others were injured, and footage live-streamed on Facebook by the shooter went viral on a stomach-churning scale. Read More >>

Here’s An Ultra-Pedantic Take-Down Of Something Labour MP Stephen Doughty Said

The big tech companies may soon be forced to do more to prevent the sharing of extremist content, if Labour MP Stephen Doughty gets his way. The Cardiff South and Penarth MP has proposed an amendment to the Counter Terrorism and Border Security Bill, which is currently shuffling its way through Parliament. Here's what it says: Read More >>

The Government Has an AI Designed to Identify Extremist Material Online

The government has made a big deal about identifying extremist material online, and seems to be involved in an uphill battle to get online communities to actually give a fuck. Now it's taking matters into its own hands, with an AI designed to identify Islamic State propaganda with a 99.995 per cent success rate. Read More >>

Twitter Was Unusually Fast at Removing Extremist Tweets After Nice Terrorist Attack

Twitter, at one time more resistant to shut down accounts due to free speech concerns, seems to be turning around. Watchdog groups say that the social network was unusually fast in erasing extremist material on the site after the Nice attack in France this past weekend. Read More >>

Tech Giants Are Quietly Automating Process To Remove Extremist Content From Sites

The technology that was designed to remove videos from the Internet with copyrighted content could be used for good, according to a report from Reuters. That use? To fight extremism. Read More >>