The Exynos 8 Octa 8890 is Samsung’s Powerful New High-End Smartphone Chip 

Samsung has just announced its new top-end chipset, the Exynos 8 Octa 8890. Like its Qualcomm competitors, it squeezes everything it needs into a single slab of silicon. Read More >>

Octa-Core Exynos Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Appear in Some Regions

Samsung's Galaxy S5 was announced as running on Qualcomm's quad-core next-gen Snapdragon 801 chipset, but there will be an alternative configuration. An S5 model running on the company's own Exynos eight-core processor was outed in a Samsung-made infographic, although it's since been quietly edited away. [Samsung Tomorrow via AC] Read More >>

Samsung’s New Exynos Processor: Your Next Phone’s Gonna Be Fast

Samsung's Exynos processors have powered a lot of the faster devices out there, from the Galaxy S II, which was way ahead of everyone in terms of speed, to the newer Nexus 10. Now the Exynos 5 Octa Processor is here. Wait, octa? As in eight cores? Read More >>

Samsung Goes Back to the Capacitive Drawing Board, Updates Galaxy Note 10.1 to Quad-Core and Adds Stylus Slot

Samsung has slightly tinkered with the larger version of the Galaxy Note it'll soon be releasing, adding an oh-so-important slot for the company's S Pen sensitive stylus and taking the opportunity to enhance the internals of the tablet, too. Read More >>

Samsung’s Next-Gen Mobile Chipset Is Nearly as Powerful as a Laptop

If you have an affinity for Android Tablets, you'll certainly fawn over the next generation Exynos 5250 chipset, complete with a 2 gigahertz, dual-core ARM Cortex A15 CPU and a GPU capable of powering a 3D display at 2560x1600. Read More >>

Cotton Candy Is a Sweet Pocket-Sized Dual-Core Computer

Why mess around with a tiny touchscreen interface when you can run your Android OS from your big screen TV — or really any screen for that matter? Read More >>

Samsung Exynos 4212 1.5GHz SOC
The Next Samsung Galaxy Phone Is Going to Be Incredibly Fast

Let’s face facts: Samsung’s Galaxy S II is blazin’. Running on a 1.2GHz Exynos processor, it bodes well for the next Exynos chip, which Samsung just announced. Read More >>