Loads of Car Drivers Can’t See Properly

A survey of some of the nation's optometrists has found that people who are warned that their eyesight is not up to scratch are paying no attention and driving home anyway, with the stats suggesting that as many as 30 per cent of UK drivers might be doing so with eyes that would fail the driving test's squint-at-a-number-plate system if taken today. Read More >>

Can Lasers Blast Away Those Weird Squiggles at the Corners of Your Vision?

You’re staring at the sky on a sunny day when you notice, in the corner of your eye, a transparent squiggle floating slowly across the blue. You try and focus on it, but it eludes your glance, refusing to be resolved. No matter where you look, the squiggle knows. Read More >>

What the Hell is Going On With This Eyeball?

A 37-year-old woman recently went to her eye doctor complaining of itching and watering eyes. While taking a close look, the doctor saw this freaky sight staring back. Read More >>

How Long Can You Make Eye Contact Before Shit Gets Weird?

You can determine a lot by looking into a person’s eyes. For years, scientists have studied how eye contact builds trust and if it reveals whether someone is lying. Now, a new study published in the Royal Society Open Science today examines exactly how long we prefer to look someone in the eyes. Read More >>

Google’s Patented an Electronic Lens to Inject Into Your Eyeballs

Compose yourself, it’s just a patent. For now, anyway. Someone at Google -- who we’re assuming has perfect vision -- has come up with a terrifying-sounding electronic device the would need to be injected directly into users’ eyeballs. Read More >>

Screens Will Make Half the World Short Sighted by 2050

A study into the long-term effects of having a phone showing a viral video for a mobile phone company 18 inches from your face at all times makes for terrifying reading -- unless you're in the business of selling glasses. In which case, it's great news! Glasses for everyone! Read More >>

Slimy Bacteria Can See and Move Like Eyeballs With Legs

We often talk about how spy agencies like GCHQ and NSA are a bunch of slimeballs, but we never expected to learn that actual slimeballs are also capable of watching everything around them. Scientists have discovered that bacteria act as weird, all-seeing eyeballs, which are able to sense light and move towards it. Read More >>

Examining the Typographic History of Eye Charts

My graphic design students love to design posters using the classic eye chart composition, and they frequently ask “What typeface should I use for this?” Not having a definitive answer has always been frustrating, so I decided to investigate to find out what typeface is used on eye charts. Read More >>

23 Facts About Your Eyes (And What Can Go Wrong With Them)

Our eyes are a fundamental part of the human sensory system—but they’re complex things that can easily go wrong. Here are 23 facts about your windows to the world, including 11 things that can go horribly wrong. Read More >>

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This is How Prosthetic Eyes are Made

A small, highly skilled team at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London transform the lives of people who have lost their eyes to accidents and disease. Each year, they work with their clients to create around 1,400 customised, detailed prosthetics, many of which replace eyes. Here’s how. Read More >>

Why You Should Thank an Astronomer for Preventing Blindness

We are, as Carl Sagan famously said, made of star stuff. And now, your doctor may use a technology designed for studying the stars to examine the inner workings of your eyes. It could one day save you from blindness – here's how it works. Read More >>

The Ebola Virus Can Live Inside Your Eyes

After working as a doctor in an Ebola-stricken nation, Ian Crozier felt like he had something in his left eye. He was right: a live, replicating reservoir of the Ebola virus. Read More >>

Scientist Hacks Together Eye-Tracker for £43

A pair of cheap webcams hacked together with some custom software can offer a similar level of motion-tracking as £20,000 pro systems, which one scientist says could revolutionise the lives of millions of disabled people. Read More >>

The Man Who Grew Eyes From Scratch

Growing nerve tissue and organs is a sci-fi dream. Moheb Costandi met the pioneering researcher who grew eyes and brain cells. Read More >>