NHS to Install “Bionic Eye” in 10 Blind Patients

10 people are about to benefit from an incredibly futuristic and potentially life-changing treatment on the NHS -- the installation of a retinal implant that could bring back a degree of sight to the blind. The only downside is people might think it's a Google Glass. Read More >>

Samsung Boss Treated Like a King in Bizarre Factory Visit

Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee is apparently treated like he's rather special when he visits his factories, with one report suggesting he gets the full everything-smells-of-paint treatment usually reserved for visiting royalty. Read More >>

A Display-Tweaking Algorithm Could Let You Ditch Glasses and Contacts

I spend too much of my waking life staring at screens. If you're reading this, you probably do, too. So instead of putting things on or in front of our imperfect eyeballs to correct and protect them, how about rethinking the screens we're staring at? Read More >>

Scientists Use Gene Therapy to Stop Six People Going Blind

A team of surgeons in Oxford have used a pioneering new form of gene therapy to stop six of their patients going blind and it's hoped the technique could be used to treat blindness more generally. Read More >>

With his new glasses, Jonny discovered he could see through time
Watch Out: Staring at Your Phone Could Be Making You Short Sighted

It seems our eyes are deteriorating, and it could all be down to staring at small screens. New research by a sight clinic has shown that short sightedness has increased by over 35 per cent since 1997 and it's set get even worse. Stop looking at your phones people. And your computer screens while you're at it. Read More >>

Eyesight finger tracking
Who Needs to Actually Touch a Screen When You Can Just Point at It?

This may sound a little far fetched, but a gesture research company called Eyesight is offering up a purely software-based solution for tracking your delicate little digits. It uses your device's existing camera to track the movement of your hands, and specifically, your fingertips. It's like Kinect condensed down, and supposedly sensitive enough to monitor a single finger at up to 5-metres away. Read More >>

Contact Lenses Could Soon Stop Short-Sightedness Dead

Short-sightedness is a pain in the arse that affects between 20 and 30 per cent of the UK population — and it only gets worse with age. Soon, though, children that are identified as myopic will be able to wear special contact lenses that will stop the condition in its tracks. Read More >>