The US Air Force Just Cleared the F-35 Fighter Jet for Combat

After a stunning 15 years of development and countless delays, the US Air Force just declared the first squadron of F-35A fighter jets ready for combat. The 34th Fighter Squadron at Utah’s Hill Air Force Base can now go fight bad guys anywhere in the world. Read More >>

I Wore a £273,000 F-35 Helmet and It Blew My Mind

Let me get this out of the way: the trillion dollar F-35 fighter jet programme is an embarrassing mess. But it’s hard not to marvel at the very expensive technology’s promises. This conflict squeezed my brain this week, when the Air Force stopped by Gizmodo’s office with a $400,000/£273,506 F-35 helmet in hand. They even let me wear it. Read More >>

The F-35 Has Big Radar Problems and the Fix is Hilarious

Now, more than $1 trillion into its development, the F-35 aircraft is experiencing glitches with its radar systems. US Air Force major general Jeffrey Harrigian explained the problem in an IHS Jane report: “What would happen is they’d get a signal that says either a radar degrade or a radar fail — something that would force us to restart the radar.” Read More >>

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This is the Crazy Simulator Where Pilots Learn How to Fly The F-35

How do pilots learn how to fly a fighter jet that cost a trillion dollars (£638 billion) to develop (or a $100 million/£63.8 million a pop to make)? By hopping in a total bad ass simulator that mimics everything about the F-35 in what is basically the greatest video game ever. The pilots in the simulator look like they’re flying some space age ship, with helmets that make them look like they have alien eyes. Read More >>

Missiles are Literally Falling Off the RAF’s Crumbling Jets

While Britain waits (and waits, and waits) for the F-35 to stop breaking, the mainstay of its ground-attack aircraft remains the Panavia Tornado, an aircraft that is not ageing gracefully. Exhibit A: the two Brimstone missiles that accidentally ‘became detached’ during a landing in Cyprus yesterday. Read More >>

See The First Female F-35 Pilot Begin Her Training

Lt. Col. Christine Mau, 33rd Operations Group deputy commander, just completed a training flight as the US’s first female F-35 pilot. Here are photos of her in an F-35A, a fifth-generation single-seat fighter. Read More >>

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Aerial Refuelling Pictures Never Get Old 

Regardless your thoughts on the F-35 program, there’s still something inherently amazing about mid-air refuelling: two man-made machines, probably hundreds of miles from home, hooking up in mid-air and transferring aerial lifeblood from one to another. Read More >>

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The £268,000 F-35 Pilot Helmet Can See Through the Pilot’s Aircraft

This is one of the priciest pieces of pilots’ head gear ever constructed. The F-35 Gen III Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS), with the tremendous price tag of $400,000/£268,119, is so advanced that it lets pilots see through their own airframe. Read More >>

All UK and US F-35s are Being Grounded (Again) Because of Engine Fires

Military officials from both the US and UK have been forced to ground each and every F-35 in their fleets so that their engines can be inspected—following another fire last week. Read More >>

The F-35 Fighter Plane is Even More of a Mess Than You Thought

The US military's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft is proving to be a pain in the neck in more ways than one. Read More >>

The F-35 is Delayed Again, Now Because of Software

A US government report reveals that the DOD's F-35 will be delayed yet again. This time, the problem is stalled software development. It's just the latest in a long line of delays and problems. Read More >>

The Only Thing Keeping the F-35 Lightning Relevant is the F-22 Raptor

Even if they are primarily just cheap knockoffs, China's rapidly growing fleet of next-gen aircraft are poised to challenge American air superiority in the coming years. To prevent that, argues Chief of U.S. Air Force Air Command, Command Gen. Michael Hostage, we'll need plenty of fifth-generation fighters—no matter the cost. Read More >>