Black Friday Works Miracles as Apple’s HomePod Gets a Discount

Apple's retail is notorious for a number of reasons. The main one is that all its products are expensive, and that it doesn't want you to go off and buy cheaper alternatives. That wouldn't be so bad if the company bothered to join in the many shopping holiday sales that take place, but that pretty much never happens. Well there's some good news! An Apple product will be getting the Black Friday treatment this year. The bad news its only the HomePod Read More >>

Lidl’s the Latest Supermarket to Offer Wonky Fruit and Veg Boxes, Only Wants £1.50 for 5kg

In the past supermarkets have been really picky about the quality of food they stock. Or rather, they only want the perfectly shaped blemish-free produce that looks pretty on the shelves. Unfortunately plants don't work that way and do come out in all sorts of wonky shapes. In a bid to cut down on waste a number of them have been offering 'wonky veg boxes' at a low price, in an attempt to get people buying and Lidl has just joined their ranks. Read More >>

star wars
Leaked Lego Images Show Off the Millennium Falcon’s Original Design

Star Wars: The Last Jedi might have only just come out, but as we've pointed out before there is another Star Wars film due in just over four months time. Solo is set to be released on 25th May, and being a Star Wars film it'll be accompanied by a massive number of toys to try and line the pockets of Disney's solid-gold suits. Read More >>

Broadband Companies Will Have to Stop Advertising ‘Unrealistic Speeds’ From Next May

There are some new rules about how broadband companies can advertise the speed on their services, and as of next May they're going to have to stop using "unrealistic" speed quotes that almost nobody is going to be able to enjoy. Read More >>

Denny’s is Coming to the UK Just After Christmas

If you've ever been to America, or spent time on sites where Americans hang out, you've probably heard of Denny's. It's a diner chain known for selling all the things diners sell, like pancakes, breakfast food, and other stuff that's generally pretty bad for you. Well now it's coming to the UK. Read More >>