Formula 1 Has a Font Now

The end of this year's F1 season saw the racing business launch itself a new logo, or a whole new "brand identity" as we should probably say, as F1 now has its own selection of fonts for writing about it in. Read More >>

Formula One Launches eSports Race Championship

The F1 universe is about to expand into eSports, with a series later this year looking to crown the best video game F1 race driver in the world. Read More >>

Sky and F1 Owners Back Drone Racing

The powers that think they have the clout to decide what we like are going in big on the Drone Racing League, with a conglomerate of backers -- including Sky and F1's new owner Liberty Media -- pumping more millions into the sport they hope might be the next big thing. Read More >>

McLaren Tests 3D-Printing on-the-go at Bahrain GP

McLaren says, and it's not known for lying, that it's going to 3D-print some parts of its race cars in the paddock at the Bahrain GP, as the speedy manufacturing process means it's able to make last-minute switches to specs to suit race day conditions. Read More >>

Stickers on F1 Cars to Make Britain GREAT Again

The government's come up with an idea on how to get all those troublesome world economies to cut us some favourable trade deals and to keep people coming here on holiday to see the buses -- putting stickers on cars. Read More >>

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Sky’s Showing All Formula 1 Races In 4K Ultra HD

Good news for F1 fans with good TVs: Sky has just announced it'll be showing all races this year in Ultra HD, aka 4K, on Sky Q. Read More >>

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Video Annotates All the Buttons That Are Being Pressed on a F1 Steering Wheel During a Race

Racing Formula One is like being inside a fighter jet that’s zipping through impossibly winding roads at 200 MPH. There’s a lot going on. Piloting a powerful race car through the twisting roads requires a steering wheel that can control and handle all those changes on the fly. It also makes for a steering wheel that doesn’t look like a wheel at all. Read More >>

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What on Earth Would Apple Want With Formula 1?

One of the oddest tech rumours to hit the internet of late suggests that two of the things that most appeal to today's modern consumers -- cars and iPhones -- might be about to come together in the highest-profile way imaginable. Read More >>

For Car Lovers, This Might Be the Most Valuable Laptop on the Planet

It's not the machine with Jeremy Clarkson's "ideas" Notepad document saved to its hard drive, but something even more critical to the ongoing maintenance of one of the most important items in the car world -- it holds the power to connect to the McLaren F1 supercar. Read More >>

Sky Will Broadcast All Formula 1 Races in 4K From Next Year

Sky has confirmed that it will kick off 4K F1 coverage in 2017, with Sky Q customers set to benefit from the step up in picture quality. The TV giant has already confirmed that 4K movies, sport and entertainment shows will land later this year, around the time the new football season begins, but this represents great news for motoring fans. Read More >>

Ferrari Testing “Halo” F1 Safety Micro Windscreen

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen has been spotted out and about testing this season's new car, and there's one very striking new change -- the arrival of one possible version of the "halo" safety system designed to stop bits of car smashing into drivers' heads. Read More >>

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All the F1 Constructors’ Champions in History

Formula One racing mixes man with machine so much that both are essentially responsible for victory. That’s why F1 gives out awards to both drivers (F1 World Drivers’ Champions) and the constructors of the cars (F1 World Constructors’ Champions). The constructor is basically the maker of the vehicle (think Ferrari and Mercedes and so on) and the winner is determined “by adding points scored in each race by any driver for that constructor”. Read More >>

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The Red Hot Burn of Testing F1 Brakes

Hot, hot, hot. That’s what happens when something—say, the wheel of an F1 car—is spinning so impossibly fast and then gets immediately clamped down by the brakes. It glows and pulsates a wonderful orange that looks almost like molten steel. Read More >>

F1 Fan Risks Death in Track Invasion Stunt

A Formula One fan is likely to miss the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend due to being in prison. He was arrested after clearing security fences and running across the track during today's practise session. Read More >>