Facebook Tries to Wipe the Slate Clean by Giving Its Busted Website a New Look

Facebook’s F8 conference is currently underway, which means that Mark Zuckerberg’s company will attempt to rebrand itself as new and improved following its absolute shitshow of a year in 2018. Also: privacy, I guess. Read More >>

Facebook Wants to Know Which Friends You Want to Bang

Remember back in ye olde days when you would poke that cute friend of yours on Facebook? Well, at its yearly F8 conference today, Facebook announced it’s bringing that weird fuck-y energy back to the platform with a new feature called Secret Crush. Read More >>

Facebook’s New Tool Outs Phishing Sites Posing as ‘Secure’

Phishing attacks, which sucker unsuspecting users into clicking malicious links or giving up their login credentials, often rely on domain names that appear similar to a site they’re trying to imitate. For example, an attacker might register a domain like faceb00k[.]com and use it to steal users’ Facebook credentials. Unless a user is carefully examining the link, they might not notice that the O’s have been replaced with zeros. Read More >>

Facebook Vows to Fix Its Biggest Problems, but It’s Clearly Ready to Move on

Mark Zuckerberg may have ditched the dark suit he wore during his congressional appearances last month, but the serious data-privacy and election-security issues raised during his testimony are still very much on his mind. Read More >>

All the Changes Coming to Your Instagram

At Facebook’s F8 conference on Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg discussed how Instagram will be changing in the coming weeks. The upgrades include video chat, an Explore redesign, AR camera effects, and a bullying filter. Read More >>

Facebook Wants to Help You Find Love (So Please Hand Over More Data)

Facebook, still reeling from a scandal concerning the improper sharing of tens of millions of its users’ data, now wants to get even more intimately involved in your life. At the F8 developer conference today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network will soon offer dating features slated to roll out later this year. He noted that there are almost 200 million people who identify as single on Facebook, “so clearly there’s something to do here.” Read More >>

How to Watch Facebook Pretend Everything Is Absolutely, Totally Fine

Facebook’s annual developer conference, under way now, will be one to remember, at least for Mark Zuckerberg. The completely human CEO has had a whirlwind of a month, what with the two days he spent testifying in front of a very confused US Congress, the controversy surrounding his company’s data-sharing practices, and the backlash Facebook faces from consumers upset at the widespread problem of misinformation on the site. Read More >>

Five Things to Know About Facebook’s Huge Augmented Reality Fantasy

Facebook kicked off its annual F8 Developer Conference yesterday in dramatic fashion when CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced an ambitious new augmented reality (AR) platform that will let people overlay digital images onto photos and videos in Facebook. Read More >>

Facebook Is Building Its Own Antennae So That More People Can Use Facebook

Yesterday, Zuckerberg waxed poetic about the future of global connectivity, and now day two of Facebook’s F8 developer conference is giving us more details. Two terrestrial based programmes—no nifty drones needed—hope to technically leapfrog fibre with throughput speeds maxing out at a blazing 2.1Gbps. Read More >>

5 Things to Know About Facebook’s Event Today

Facebook spent most of its F8 developer keynote talking about the future of the company. Messenger, Oculus Rift, Zuck’s grey t-shirt, a Donald Trump reference—it was all there. But rather than forcing you to sit through an hour of “the power of global connection” overstatements, we did all the hard work for you, and compiled this complete list of Facebook’s greatest hits. Read More >>

How Facebook Will Make the Smartphone Smart Again

You probably only use three apps on your smartphone—and one of them is likely a messaging app. By some estimates, messengers are even more popular than social media. And now, Facebook is giving you even more reasons to send text messages. Read More >>

Oculus Used These Optical Illusions to Prove Everything We Know is Wrong

Virtual reality isn't ready yet. It's damn good but it can't quite fully convince you that you are someplace you're not. How sure are you of the "real world," anyhow? Today, Oculus VR guru Michael Abrash used these great optical illusions to show how fake our reality can be. Read More >>

Facebook is Finally Getting Messaging Right

Facebook wants to be your everything, and the next step in its long and deliberate journey to subsume the entire world is here. Messenger, Facebook's separate (and now genuinely useful) messaging app, is growing up, and you have every reason to be excited. Read More >>

Oculus Rift Release Slated for Next Year While New Version Requires a Whole Room to Work

It's been such a long time coming after its Kickstarter success that the Oculus Rift VR headset is starting to feel like vapourware. But with the might of Facebook now behind the company, it looks as though we're finally approaching a proper retail release -- the company is aiming to have the kit in regular consumer's hands by next year. Read More >>

That's more Facebook gamers than the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo combined
Facebook: More Facebook Gamers Than the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Combined

There's no denying Facebook has a massive user-base -- but you might be surprised to know that Facebook has more gamers than anyone else, as Ethan Beard, Facebook's director of partnerships put so eloquently: Read More >>