US Federal Aviation Administration Orders Inspection of Boeing 737 NG Jets After Discovery of ‘Structural Cracks’

Boeing, already having taken a $4.9 billion after-tax charge this year amid the ongoing fallout from two deadly 737 Max crashes, now has problems with a different line of planes. Read More >>

Airlines Ban Some Recalled MacBook Pro Models From Flying, Citing Fire Risk

The US Federal Aviation Administration has “banned select MacBook Pro” units from flying in the air after Apple issued a warning that some contained batteries that pose a fire risk, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. Read More >>

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Airlines Begin to Ground Boeing 737 Max-8 Planes After Deadly Ethiopian Crash

Multiple airlines around the world, along with the countries of China and Indonesia, have decided to ground Boeing 737 Max-8 planes in the wake of a crash on Sunday that killed 157 people. The crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 was the second by a Boeing 737 Max-8 in the past five months. This past October, a Max-8 that was operated by Lion Air crashed off the coast of Indonesia and killed all 189 people on board. Read More >>

FBI: Man ‘Thought It Would Be Funny’ to Shine Laser in Pilot’s Eyes, Crashed Car in Chase

Authorities say a California man who was arrested after crashing during a high-speed chase allegedly “thought it would be funny” to flash a laser at a police helicopter, Ars Technica reports. Such laser strikes are dangerous because they can disorient pilots and endanger their passengers and people on the ground. The FAA reports roughly 5,000 laser strikes per year around the country, though this might be the most dramatic and idiotic case yet. Read More >>

FAA Proposes Worldwide Laptop Ban For Checked Bags on International Flights

The US Federal Aviation Administration wants the world’s airlines to stop letting passengers put large electronic devices like laptops in checked bags on international flights. The proposal, which will no doubt upset some frequent travellers, will be considered by the United Nations in the coming weeks. Read More >>

Hey, Maybe Don’t Fly Drones Where Firefighters Are Trying to Save Lives

It’s understandable that UAV enthusiasts might be tempted to grab amazing footage of ongoing disasters like the northern California wildfires—providing a unique perspective of a climate change-fuelled catastrophe which has now killed at least 41 people, burned down thousands of buildings and laid waste to hundreds of thousands of acres of land. Read More >>

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FAA Declares No-Fly Zone Above Trump Tower

Prepare for flight delays at New York's airports. The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a new no-fly zone over Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan until 21 January 2017, the day President-elect Trump moves into the White House. Read More >>

Flyers ‘Strongly Advised’ to Turn Off Explosive Samsung Phone While On Planes

On Tuesday we told you that the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) was considering a ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone that keeps exploding and causing fires. Well, the FAA just released a statement advising passengers not to turn on those phones while they’re on board any flights. The FAA also advises against putting them inside your checked baggage. Read More >>

Airline Prohibits Passengers From Charging Samsung’s Exploding Smartphones

Earlier this week, the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) told Gizmodo it was “working on guidance” concerning Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 amid reports of the devices exploding when charged, but at least one airline outside of America appears to have already taken action, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. Read More >>

The US Is Considering Banning Samsung’s Exploding Smartphones on Planes

Last week, Samsung issued a recall for roughly 2.5 million smartphones after it was discovered that at least 35 of the devices had spontaneously burst into flames. Make that 35 and counting. The US Federal Aviation Administration still hasn’t decided whether it should ban the devices on planes. The agency is thinking about it, however. Read More >>

Amazon Busted Illegally Shipping Dangerous Chemicals Again

Amazon has racked up two more fines — amounting to a total of $130,000 (£100k) — from avian authorities for improperly shipping dangerous chemicals. Turns out putting acid and flammable gas into a box and putting it on an aeroplane is not OK. Read More >>

Amazon Should Have Known Better Than to Ship “Amazing Liquid Fire” by Air

The Federal Aviation Administration is fining Amazon $350,000 (around £247,000) for not realising it should take more precaution when shipping a product called “Amazing! LIQUID FIRE”. Read More >>

To Test its Drone Fleet, Google Uses a Sneaky Legal Loophole

Google has been working with NASA to test delivery drones in private US airspace, according to documents reviewed by the Guardian. While laws mostly prohibit commercial drones from such activity, NASA offers Google a convenient loophole. Read More >>

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crash Caused By Lack of Oversight 

An official investigation into the deadly crash of a Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo over California last October finds that a co-pilot unlocked the ship’s braking system too early. The incident, according to the US National Transportation and Safety Board’s report, could have been prevented with better safety procedures. Read More >>

Authorities Investigate Teen Who Weaponised a Quadcopter

Earlier this month, a 14-second video entitled “Flying Gun” was posted on YouTube. It shows a flying quadcopter outfitted with a handgun firing four shots. Now, it’s being investigated by the US Federal Aviation Administration. Read More >>